Pitt Homecoming 2005 report

So Homecoming has come and gone, and I must say, having Corey around was a blast. So many great quotes, so much alcohol drunk that I don’t think I’ll be drinking for awhile. But my favorite quotes came during the dreary weather tailgate that we all just hung out at–who needs to sit in the Pitt game when we were dry and drunk?

But, here’s a series of quotes, kinda related, but not sequential, that made me nearly cry. The first one isn’t quite right, but I’ll fix it later.

Corey: I got an X on my hand.
Fred: I got a C. I wonder why?
Corey: Because I’m excellent, and you’re a cocksucker.


(Jeanann holding a small bottle of Jameson.)
Jeanann: “When this falls out of the pinata, I’m going to have to beat you off  for it.”
Me: Yeaaaaaaaah. (big smile)
Jeanann: (look of confusion) Noooooo! Beat you up for it!
Me: I like the first one better.


DrunkAnn (Jeanann when drunk): I got an X and C. What does that mean?
Corey: That means you’re an excellent cocksucker!
Me: Alright! First she can beat me off, and then later…
Amy: Yeah, that’s like an upgrade!


Juice: “We’re going to call Gareth and tell him that he’s gay.”
DrunkAnn: “But that’s mean!”
Me: “No it’s not. It’s tradition. He expects it”
DrunkAnn: “I can’t do it because he isn’t gay…(drunk thinking)…is he gay?”


All talk wasn’t dirty oriented–we did have a long conversation about billipium (I said it was on the periodic table next to “notbelievinum”), Fred’s trying to order the drink Hypnotix, which he tried to describe to the waitress as “You know, it smells like cat piss.” There was also Kendra’s smacking of Tom’s truck while swinging for the pinata, which was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Ah yes, good times. We also found out that Cheri and Mrs. Juice were pregnant, which is always good news. We promptly made them start smoking and drinking…just kidding!

Can’t wait till next year! Woooooo!


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