This n'at

This is just a couple little observations from my trip out today.

1. God bless you old timer. I stopped in to Primantis for lunch today, and I saw these 3 older folks having lunch. (We’re talking they’re in their late 60s to early 70s.) I noticed the one gentleman was eating wings. He was doing it slowly–he hands were trembling, most likely from the onset of Parkinson’s, pulling the meat off of them and eating. And at first, I was like, “Oh man, I hope I never get like that.” But then I thought for a second…here’s this guy, who has probably lived a pretty good life, in his 70s and still eating wings. Lord knows he’s probably been told by his doctor and everyone else to give up this and give up that, but he knows what he wants, and here he is, having it while hanging out with his friends.

On second thought amigo, I want to be just like you. You rock.

2) Dude, it’s just not that important. I went to visit Holly at work today (since I was out at Lowe’s pricing replacement windows)–I didn’t see her there, but whatever, I needed to burn off some of that cappicola anyway. Now if you know me, you know I love to people watch. So, as I’m surveying the crowd, I see this guy dressed in a suit with what I’m guessing is a cell phone ear piece. Has a little microphone and everything. And he’s obviously strutting around like he’s there to be seen. I immediately flashed back to one day when I was in World Gym in Deerfield Beach with my buddy CJ, and we saw a guy doing crunches while talking on his cell phone. CJ turned to me and said, “I sure hope that guy has the launch codes for the nukes.”

Look, you can be away from your phone. It’s OK. Really. If it’s important, they’ll call back. Cells are a relatively new thing–and I’ve never heard of someone just spontaneously combusting cause they weren’t in reach of a cell phone.

So for you, suit boy, take off the ear piece. Yeah, it’s a nice piece of tech and it’s cool, but it makes you look retarded instead of important–because really, we can tell that you’re not important enough to have the launch codes, or to be protecting the president or to be consulted for something that is actually important.

3. Life is good. I’m just in a mellow “Life is good” mood. Yeah, the 30 degree difference from yesterday to today sucks ass and has given me a sinus headache, but man, here I am, single guy, living in my own house, living in a great area of the country, living in arguably the greatest country in the world. (When was the last time you heard someone in a third-world country say, “I want to be a Canadian!”) I have fantastic friends, a strong, solid family, and I like who I am. If I smoked, I think I’d light up a big fat stogie, sit back and just smile for the next few hours. Why point out the world’s flaws when I can kick back and enjoy what I’ve been blessed enough to have?


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