Just plain stupid

Last night on the way home, I was listening to Dr. Drew on the radio. Now, if you’ve never heard him, it’s a call-in show that answers sex/addiction/depression/life questions. There’s almost always have a guest (Danny Bonneducci was on last night). It’s good stuff, and generally always entertaining.

So, a woman from Oregon calls in (and she sounds like a whiney bitch), and she’s asks, “I found out that my husband went to strip club with a bunch of his friends the other night. What’s the deal with guys and strip clubs?”

Dr. Drew starts talking about how clinical studies prove that men need diversity and are extremely visual, and that his going has nothing to do with her or their relationship. Well, she starts to fight about it cause she doesn’t get it. “He’s getting enough at home, he doesn’t need to go there.” And they tell her that women are wired differently, and that it has nothing to do with her and their relationship. And she doesn’t listen to anything and keeps babbling on and on.

And then it comes to light that her husband’s gone to the strip club 2 times in 5 years.

OMG! Not 2 times in 5 YEARS! Jesus lady, get a fucking grip.

Now I’m not a strip club guy. The only time I go is for bachelor parties and such. Not that I don’t enjoy hot naked women, but you know, for the money that I’ve seen guys drop in them, I figure I could ask a girl out, spend it on a great night, and more than likely get some at the end of the night. Leaving a strip club drunk and horny just doesn’t do it for me.

But damn lady, 2 times in 5 years is nothing to get worked up about. Please, do the world a favor and lighten the fuck up.


Speaking of “much ado about nothing,” I don’t know about you all, but I’m completely fucking sick of the paranoia that the media is trying to instill in us.

My biggest pet peeve is the bird flu. As I said in my previous blog, 93 people have died WORLD WIDE from this disease since 2003. That is hardly an epidemic. It’s right up there with West Nile virus as one of the most overblown health issue stories around. You remember the dreaded West Nile virus–passed by mosquitos and potentially deadly to infants and those 800+ years old.

Yeah, what’s the death toll on that sucker…like 5 people in New York and New Jersey?

I know that the big fear of bird flu is that it’ll mutate and become a similar flu to the one that killed millions in the early 1900s.

But what are the chances of that?

Life is filled with “what if” chances that we have no control over. What if that rig behind me loses its brakes and crashes into me? What if that rig in front of me loses its load? What if I go to the bank and it gets robbed? What happens if my car breaks down on Route 28 at 3 a.m.? I think these are more likely to happen than bird flu mutating into the death virus.

And hey, if we’re gonna talk small-chance “what if’s,” I’m more concerned that some big ass comet will have its orbit altered and crash into Earth than I am about some mutant flu.

I think the last straw was when I read about a woman who made “emergency kits” for her children and gave them to them on Christmas because of bird flu.

Holy fuck lady, what the hell are you smoking?

Let’s say that it mutates and an epidemic starts. What does your emergency kit contain that is going to help them in this situation? Vitamin C, chicken soup, water, cough syrup and some warm blankets? Better throw some Ludens and robitussen in there while you’re at it.

C’mon. If you believe all this crap, do yourself a favor and never leave the house ever again. Wrap it up in a bubble. Have all your food delivered in front of said bubble. Tele-commute to work. Forget about talking to your friends in person, going out to dinner or movies, traveling or doing anything that makes life worth living ever again.

Use your head. Think. Filter. Be realistic. And stop listening to this hype.


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