Just a little netiquette reminder!

When someone sends out a mass mail and needs a response, there is almost no reason to use “reply all.”

Now, “reply all” can be a useful tool when used properly, ie by anyone with an IQ higher than fungus.

Here’s an example:

Mike sends out a mail to me and Jeanann
Mike: Are you guys coming over for LOST? I’m thinking about having a cookout, too.
Me: Sure. Do you need me to bring anything?
Jeanann: I’ll be there. I’ll bring pasta salad.
Mike: Bring whatever you like. I have beer, and some burgers and dogs.
Me: Sweet, what time? I’ll bring some cole slaw or something.
Mike: 7pm.
Jeanann: See you guys there!

See, now everyone knows the time of the event, Jeanann and I won’t both bring pasta salad, life is good. It’s like a three-way call. We all get the facts all in one shot.

Now, the improper use of “reply all” often happens at work. For example, yesterday I opened my mail to find about 30 messages titled “RE: Need some help.” The original message was asking for who people thought was a great TV dad to be used as an example for Father’s Day. And instead of just using “Reply,” these tardlings had to use “Reply All.”

Dear God in Heaven, do I really need to know that you think that doofus from Little House of the Prarie was a great dad figure? I’m thinking no. Do I care if you read some other doofus’ “Reply All” message and argue why your choice is better? Oh, fuck no. Infact, when you do that, I’m thinking you take tard to a whole new level.

And what’s really irritating is that this happens all the time. So much so that some of my friends have to put “Do not ‘reply all'” in the first graph of their e-mail. It got so bad that I stopped checking my work e-mail and got yelled at. Nevermind that I pointed it out and said “It’s a colossal waste of my time to sit here and have to sift through all of this crap.” Nevermind that these people who read all the RE:s and argue via e-mail obviously don’t have enough to do (and there’s an evidence trail RIGHT THERE). It was my fault for not sifting through the spam while trying to do my job. Fucktards.

I really don’t know what inspires this kind or douchery, but please, knock it the fuck off. Learn some common courtesy. We all don’t think your attempts at witty quips are funny. Ninety percent of the time, a simple “Reply” will work. If more than the original sender NEEDS to know the information, then use “Reply all.” And hopefully it’s a small group getting the mail. But in a company-wide situation, I really can’t see the need to send EVERYONE your RE(tarded): spam unless it’s vitally important.

And if that’s too hard for you to figure out, unplug your fucking computer.

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