In case you missed it…

With all the hoopla about the economy sucking eggs and how we’re all going to be eating catfood while each political party blames the other for this mess, the presidential debates and dinosaur moon men landing in Russia, here’s a story that I love:

Probe takes pictures 125 miles away from Mercury

It’s freaking gorgeous.


See, when I look at pictures like this, my imagination starts to run wild and I feel like a kid again. No worries. No responsibilities. Just a few minutes of perfect, pure imagination and wonder.

NASA, I love you.

And the best part is, there is no mention of the economy, presidential debates or dinosaur moon men landing in Russia.

Though, personally, I wouldn’t mind reading about the last one … unless they’ve come to talk about the failures in the global economy, who they support in the upcoming elections or to give a news conference about their landing. That would suck.

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