A new Halloween treat?

It’s been a rough week. Cell phone died. New tire shopping ($600 for new tires?). Trying to build a new computer for mom hasn’t worked out as expected (2 dead motherboards? Really?). Bah, screw it all, it’s time for beer.

So I hooked up with some Meetin friends, and we met at Bob’s Garage on the Aspinwall/Blawnox border. If you’ve never been there, it’s a tiny tiny place that is completely over-decorated for the holidays. Right now, they have their Halloween decor going — and while completely garish, it still pales compared to their Christmas decor. If you have children, stop by for lunch (they do have good food), and watch your children’s heads spin.  It’s like Hartwood Acres decorations jammed into about 2,000 square feet. Don’t mind anyone having decor seizures — it’s simply par for the course.

As I love to do, I grab a beer, a seat and start BSing with folks. And this is where I heard a funny little story.

Apparently, in a Plum neighborhood, there’s a curious little tradition taking hold for Halloween: While kids go trick-or-treating and get lots of candy and goodies, the parents that are taking them get a little treat of their own: shots.

Now what kind of shots, I’m not sure. I’m sure some kind of schnapps would do the trick. And I’m not sure if they bring their own shot glass or if the home owner has to provide them.

But man, can you imagine what the end of that adventure must be like? I’m picturing little Donnie in a Charlie Brown ghost costume, poking his dad who is passed out in somebody’s lawn with a stick. Parents staggering down the sidewalk, kids baffled as to what’s wrong. Some other parent climbing up a tree to play a little trick on the guy in the neighborhood that they don’t like, little Jenny at the bottom saying, “Dad, come down right now!” Dad saying, “Shhh! No. It’s OK. I’ll be down in a sec!” and then promptly falling out of said tree.

This may be worthy of trip out that way. Maybe I should round up one of my nephews (heeeey, they live in Plum! And I have 4 to choose from!) and go check this out. Traditions like this could get me to renew my love of Halloween!


2 Responses to “A new Halloween treat?”

  1. October 24, 2008 at 1:08 pm

    Damn that’s a fine idea. I can see some of my neighbors getting into this, but judging them by their weekly trash I’d have to say they would likely enjoy shots of Mad Dog 20/20!

  2. October 24, 2008 at 6:10 pm

    Thats pretty good! Hmmm some peach schnapps sounds good! Stay safe.

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