More reasons to love Western Pa.

Every now and then, I get to read a story that re-affirms my decision to move back to the Pittsburgh area. Last night, it was a trio of purse snatchers that got busted in Allegheny Township.

Township police said Donald J. Truffa, 22, of Dime Road, Parks, and Sadie Jean Klingensmith, 20, of Allegheny Township, were in a getaway car waiting for a man to grab a purse in the Giant Eagle parking lot at Allegheny Towne Center.

Instead, an Allegheny Power lineman on a lunch break tackled mugging suspect Scott E. Caveglia, 21, of Gilpin moments after police say Caveglia threw 79-year-old Anna Marie Mottillo to the ground.

Now see, here’s what makes me smile: The guy coming to her rescue shows me the region still has a moral compass, as such — there’s still right and wrong. Taunting Browns fans is perfectly acceptable (and encouraged), but mugging an old lady — that’s just flat-out wrong. And while I’m sure most folks would agree that mugging old ladies is bad, the thing is that the average Joe in the region will still stand up to that wrong. The average person here won’t just denounce it, he’ll do something about it. I mean, when I was looking for the link to that story, I came across half a dozen stories about Pittsburgh citizens going after these purse-snatching types. I think there was one from a few years ago where there was a guy who was part of a mob that caught a purse snatcher and “roughed him up a bit.” When interviewed, the way he described the suspect’s getaway skills was something like, “Hell, even I caught him … and I’m slow.” Gotta love trash talking mobs.

I’m sure folks stand up to these other guys in other regions of the country, too. However, that’s not always the case. Anymore, it seems like someone just videos it with their cell phone to put on youtube or to sell to a media outlet. Someone else might call 911. But other than that, most opt not to get involved.

Now, I know the police always tell you to call them and let them handle it, because the assailant could be armed, and you could be putting your life in danger. But you know, if I see a young guy wailing on a little old lady, I’m taking the risk and pulling a James Harrison and leveling his ass (or even a Hines Ward … although it feels funny using a receiver reference for a crushing hit). Getting a chance to pound the crap out of him (“Stop resisting!” *POW*) would make that risk completely worth it — especially since the little old lady needed 11-stitches.

So good on ya, Allegheny Power lineman. My only regret is that you weren’t a Casey Hampton-sized lineman.


1 Response to “More reasons to love Western Pa.”

  1. October 27, 2008 at 3:14 pm

    I’m totally with you. I’d endanger my own life in the same situation. I don’t care. It’s not to make me feel good, it’s not to protect the lil old lady, it’s not to make the news and show people they can do something about the crime in the area…

    It’s because it is the right thing to do.

    I love hearing stories about this stuff. Reminds me of the time a few years back when some tool was trying to rob a Shop n’ Save. He didn’t realize that a guy was waiting in his car for his girlfriend to get off of work – with a gun. Needless to say he came out and got a bullet in his head. The entire time I’m hearing this I’m cheering my fool head off. The news talked for 2 days about how he may be charged with a crime, but then nope, cops said he did a good job.

    Even the cops know to sit back and say “Good job.”

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