Sweet justice

Some of you will remember the post where I talked about the Allegheny Power lineman who came to the rescue of a 79-year-old woman who was being mugged, and how I wished that he was Casey Hampton size so that he could really knock the crap out of the villain. Well, here’s a little update on that story:

I was talking with Huggy Bear, the man with his ear to the ground and knower of all things in the A-K Valley. Apparently, that Allegheny Power lineman is nicknamed “Moose,” is a pretty big guy and was a “really good” high school football player.

From Moose’s alleged account, he said something along the lines of “As I started running, it was like I was reliving my high school days. I completely crushed that guy.”

He sat on said perp until the cops got there, and then apparently went to Wendy’s and had lunch like nothing happened.

So, while he wasn’t Casey Hampton size, I’m still happy to hear that he nailed that purse snatcher good. It warms my heart to see bad guys get what’s comin’ to them, especially when they go after defenseless, elderly grandmothers.

Good on ya, Moose. Here’s to you.


1 Response to “Sweet justice”

  1. October 27, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    Next guy I meet named Moose gets a free beer!

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