Ain't nothin' but a blog thang

Today has been one of those … I don’t know … maybe I’ll just call it a “I don’t know how to phrase it” kind of day. I’ve probably started at least 5 blogs, but couldn’t get what I wanted to come out of my fingers. See, I think I’m thinking too much about what to say instead of just letting it flow and saying what needs to be said.

The reason for this is that good ole Pittgirl threw out a great blog at the OMGPittsburgh site. I feel like such a schmoe that I haven’t jumped on to this blogging stuff earlier — but Pittgirl, Burgher Jon, the Angry Drunk Bureaucrat and the other fine folks out there are (inadvertantly) expanding my horizons. And I can’t forget Mrs. Pitsberger at I got jokes. I stumbled across her site last night, and oh dear Lord was I laughing — she really needs to write more often. Seriously.

Now, the OMGPittsburgh site is one of these sites that I think I’ve always envisioned myself being a part of. If you know me in the real world, you absolutely know there is no place I’d rather be than Western Pennsylvania. And even though I’ve been back now for almost 9 years, I still get that goofy smile and chuckle to myself when stuff happens that is intrinsically Pittsburgh. And this site wants those moments. The things that makes Pittsburgh uniquely Pittsburgh.

But you know, as much as I tried to think about stuff today, it just wasn’t going to come. I had the ’40s big band music playing as I cooked and cleaned in the kitchen — with a million different thoughts, a million different memories, all trying to get out at once. There’s always a that time, or a that one, or a that guy or girl. But none of them exactly capture what I want to say — and that’s likely because I’m focusing on the details rather than the big picture.

It’s frustrating when you can’t say what you want to say, so I started hopping around the various links, seeing what I could see.

I’m beginning to find that the blogging world is a really interesting place. Lots of different views. Lots of folks proud of their city. Lots of different ways of looking at the same building that you’ve passed a thousand times. Lots of great, down-to-earth yinzer humor. Lots of people I want to sit down, grab a beer and BS with.

Even though I’ve had this site going for about a month now, it sill feels like a brand new world for me.

However, the more I see and read, the more I think I’m gonna like it out here.

PS: Thanks for 1,000 views! Woot!

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