Fraggin' tales

As I play Fallout 3, I’m becoming more and more intrigued by various attacks. At first, I was all about the minigun and missile launcher, because who doesn’t love a BFG? And the Fatboy is always a favorite, because nuking badguys is always a ball.

But the unexpected fun — grenades. Oh dear Lord, how I love me some hot fraggin’ action. My first attempts to use them were full of frustration, as I wasn’t using the VATS system. But then I read about that little tip about using it with the grenades (don’t know why I didn’t think of it) and I’ve been fragging things ever since.

I’ve had a couple of favorite blasts, and usually it comes during attacks on Super Mutants. I had a critical that basically de-limbed a wounded Super Mutant … and with the slow-motion VATS camera going, it was absolutely hysterical to essentially see a torso flying through the air.

Another Super Mutant blastacular came when I was in the Germantown Police station. There’s 2 talking, essentially telling you where to find the kidnapped guys. I started lobbing grenades, which caused one to trigger the shotgun trap, which shot him in the back. When the killing blast finally hit, each guy flew into the air, essentially sending them into the ceiling. I think I maybe took one hunting rifle shot in that whole exchange.

But my all-time favorite frag — good ole Arkansas the sniper up in the minefield. He had shot me about 4 times, plus while running I tripped a mine, so I was a bit peeved. I hid in the debris pile and swapped to the grenades. The first missed the platform and exploded below him. But the second one landed right where it should have. When that blast went off and I saw his health bar disappear, I cheered like the Steelers had just won the Super Bowl. The blast seemed bigger, brighter and fraggier than any other one before or since. The only way it could have been better is if his body would have been blown off the tower, and he fell into the pile of mines behind him, and was then blown up again.

Hey, a boy can dream, right?


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