Some sports commentary …

It’s rare that you’ll see me write anything sports-related. Not that I don’t enjoy a good football game, but I figure there are many other bloggers out there that can recite names, stats and various other things that I just simply don’t care about — so why bother? Those other guys got it all covered, and will be able to write about it in a far more coherent fashion that I will. So, I generally leave that talk to the “guys in the know,” you know?

However, I’m a die-hard Steelers fan. I don’t care about other teams. Don’t care about other players. And I’ll freely admit that I’m a bandwagon Pens and Pirates fan (just can’t get into either sport until it’s playoff time), and I try and attend as many Pitt football games as possible — but ask me to name someone on the team, and I’ll stumble. But the Steelers — the Steelers I will read up on daily, and watch every game I possibly can (not always easy, since I work on Sundays and Monday nights).

So, what irked me was the latest Pro Bowl selection thing. Only 3 Steelers selected? Yer freakin jaggin me, right?

Let’s take a look at what that defense has done from an overly simplified view — without that defense, we wouldn’t be anywhere near 11-3. We certainly would not be in the playoffs. If we had an average defense, the Ravens would have taken the division, and we’d be slugging it out with the Browns and the Bengals to not be the biggest cellar-dweller in the AFC North.

Our offense is ranked 24th for a reason —  it’s not good.  Our running game is almost non-existent. Ben is running/throwing for his life after getting smacked around all season. Our offensive line has taken then heat all season for a very good reason — and while they’ve improved, they need to get better.

And our Special Teams? Jesus God … I don’t think we can find a worse punter unless they signed me up.

But see, the Steelers lack of offensive punch and Special Team play is what makes that defense that much more impressive. They are on the field so much, and in so many bad positions that how every single person on that defense ISN’T a pro-bowl selection is downright baffling. Honestly, those guys kick ass. And Deshea Townsend was absolutely correct when he said something along the lines of  “if we were a more high-profile team, we’d have more players going to the pro-bowl.” (Found that in here.) If this defense would have been the Jets or Dallas — you know, teams who have more selections  than us but where the talk is king and the play is meh — there is no way that only 3 guys would go. Absolutely none. And trust me, they’d be constantly telling us how great they were, too, and how much they deserve every shred of credit even remotely lobbed at them.

Fuck those doughnut-eating, armchair quarterbacking critics who pick these players for the Pro Bowl. I think Hines summed it up best … “For the guys who got slighted, let’s win a Super Bowl. A Super Bowl will feel a lot better. You’ll get recognized a lot more for winning a Super Bowl than you will for going to the Pro Bowl.”

Amen, Hines. Amen.


3 Responses to “Some sports commentary …”

  1. December 18, 2008 at 2:21 pm

    Personally – I could care less about the All Star Series in baseball, the NHL All Star game and the Pro Bowl.

    I don’t say this because those games involve mostly-other-players but because it’s a big giant stupid popularity contest of the worst type since selecting the prom queen in high school.

    I’m happy for the players that get recognized for being popular, but really the best way to be recognized is with a championship trophy.

  2. 2 Three
    December 18, 2008 at 2:29 pm

    You know, you’re right. But it still irks me that when we have guys playing as well as they are, they get little to no recognition. Feh!

  3. December 19, 2008 at 11:26 am

    Anyone with any sense knows all this crap is nothing more than a popularity contest with a strong bias towards large market teams. Being a fan of all New York teams, my guys are often the beneficiary of all of the extra attention, but it hardly makes it right or fair. It is sadly just the way it is.

    I would say it would be great to eliminate fan voting altogether, but I understand where the leagues are coming from regardless of the sport. It is a way to keep fans engaged, market the product, and grow the sport. For those who are not true fanatics, sports is nothing more than a bandwagon and sadly their voices are the ones that are heard. Because for us true fans, the leagues all know that we will be there every Sunday no matter how much our team sucks.

    And Three, Hines Ward is absolutely correct in his assertion about the Super Bowl. Last year, only one Giant, Osi, made the Pro Bowl. The team rallied around the insult of being the team of “All Joe’s” and it brought them closer together and give them the edge to displace Dallas and their 13 pro bowlers in the playoffs.

    Rest assured, your defense is awesome and real fans know it!

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