The New Year, resolutionized

OK, this post won’t be as fun as the last one — but since a bunch of folks are typing out their hopes and what they want to accomplish in 2009, I figured I’d join in. So, here’s what I’m gonna try and do:

1.) When I opt to do something, I’m gonna devise a plan on how to accomplish it. This sounds really stupid, but it’s what separates talking out of your ass to getting things done. I mean, think about it — how many times have you heard someone talk about losing weight, but if you press them on it, they have no idea of how they are going to do it. Same principle here, except I will formulate a plan and have dates that I would like to have things done by.

2.) Cash stash: I’m gonna open up accounts for stuff like Christmas, taxes, insurance, car tires and house projects — and pull like $75 a check, divide it up, and be ready for them when they come. Yeah, I’ll be livin’ leaner, but I can hang.

3.) Slow down on the fast food: I have a very bad habit of grabbing fast food on my way to work. At like $6 a shot for a value meal (plus raiding the vending machines at work) that shit adds up (not only on the wallet, but on the gut, too). Money spent here could easily go into my Cash Stash fund. So, in order to accomplish this, I’m going to cook lunch and dinner for the next day when I get home from work the night before.

4.) Ride like the wind: I’m really psyched for mountain biking this year. REALLY psyched. I haven’t really ridden hard in the past few years because of schedule changes, high gas prices, etc. But, I bought myself a cycling trainer (which just arrived), and I will do cardio on my cyclocross bike instead of using the machines in the gym, which bore me to tears. And, if I come home angry from work, I can hop on the bike and ride for a half hour. I’ll probably drop about 5-10 lbs. before I start slogging it out on the wet trails come spring. I’m also going to try my hand at road biking.

5.) Get the geekatorium ready to go: I have an extra room in my house that I’m going to turn into my Geekatorium. In this room will be all of my computer stuff, my framed Star Wars/Army of Darkness movie posters, etc. I have not set up a timeline for this quite yet, as I don’t want to overwhelm myself — however, I’d like to get it done by September.

6.) Bloggin’: I’m going to write more parodies and satire in 2009 for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s really fun. Way more fun that writing serious stuff.
  2. Some of the comments you guys throw back at me make me laugh really, really hard.

7.) Flushing out old ideas: My old buddy over at Blabs of Steele and I are talking about opening up another blog site to really unleash our inner geeks (cause, you know, we’re not nerdy enough as is). This will include stuff that is so horrible that only the true lovers of nerdom will really dig it. So, I hope to get with him and flush out these ideas sometime in March, after I’m drinking again (cause our best ideas always come out when its late at night and we’re drunk). If we do do this, I think we’re gonna have to get some contributing writers — and I’ll be volunteering some of your asses later — cause I know a bunch of you will want to join in the fun. It’ll be a blast.

8.) More trips: I want to visit some more “haunted” locations, and pay a visit to Drey in NYC, and Corey and Jim (and a slew of other folks) in Philly.

Think that’s about it. I pretty much think that other things, like the dating world, the job situation, etc., is relatively out of my hands (I can hold up my end and ask women out or shoot out a resume, and that’s it) — so I’m just gonna focus on the things that I can change and let the Gods take care of the rest.

Wish you folks out there the very best for the 2009.

Oh, and I’m declaring 2009 to be the Year of the Fett — so let’s get ready to kick some ass and take some names!


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