A glutton for punishment

Sometimes I swear I am masochistic.

A good example is what I did today — I decided to delve into the Internet world to see what America thought of the Super Bowl.

I was reading a blog by a columnist on yahoo (or something, I forget), which was questioning why the refs didn’t review the fumble that sealed the game for the Steelers. And the blog had a point … personally, I thought it was reviewed (and if not, should have been), but I was at work at my attention was divided throughout most of the game.

Then I dove into people’s comments.

Dear Lord. The conspiracy theories abound. “The refs wanted the Steelers to win” was everywhere. Literally, half of the replies were how poor the officiating was, how it was a fix, and how the Rooneys bought their 6th trophy. And some of the arguments were just laugh out loud ridiculous.

Now, I know I have the same chance of convincing them that they’re wrong as I do of convincing a “Truther” that he is wrong, so I didn’t bother to respond to any of them. However, I have to share some of the funnier comments that I can remember (in no particular order).

  • Santonio Holmes didn’t have the second foot down.

    I don’t know about you, but after I saw replay after replay after replay after replay of that catch, it was pretty damn clear that both feet were down, in bounds. That, my friends, was a touchdown, no matter how you slice it.

  • On the Harrison interception return, there was clearly a block in the back.

    Well, I didn’t see one. And if there was one, the refs clearly missed it. I don’t know why people think that if a ref misses a call, it’s an automatic “The fix is in!” Refs are humans, and they’re gonna make mistakes. I have yet to see a game that was called perfectly. But yeah, some blown calls are obviously more costly than others. That’s why you need to go in and flat-out beat your opponent and never let it come down to a ref’s judgment call. And if you do get a bad call, you have to rebound and play even harder and take it out of their hands. I have yet to hear of the NFL overturning the result of a game because people cried about a call.

  • Harrison should have been ejected for punching that guy.

    OK, I can’t even remember the last time I saw an NFL player ejected from a game. It’s a fairly rare thing. And no Steelers fan that I know condoned what Harrison did. In fact, everyone in the office where I was said, “What the fuck was he thinking! That fucking idiot!”

    But here’s why I believe the personal foul call was correct: The opposing player was trying to get up, and Harrison was punching his pads in order to keep him down, and obviously went a little overboard. Now, if he would have kicked the guy when he was down, intentionally stood on him or punched him square in the face (helmetless), then hey, eject away. But players do all kinds of questionable, dirty things when blocking another guy — sometimes they get caught, other times they don’t. But whatever they do, it’s rarely an “ejectionable” offense.

  • That hitting the place holder call was complete bullshit. It’s not like he intentionally rammed the guy. I’ve never seen that call before, and I’ve watched a lot of football and played a lot of Madden, so I know it’s bullshit.

    That was a combination of two different comments. No, stop laughing. Seriously, it was.

    OK, to be honest, I’ve never seen that call in any high school, college or pro-football game either. But on the other hand, I’ve never seen a guy fucking retarded enough to smack into the holder, either.

    Look, the refs can’t simply make up rules on the fly. And you don’t have to “intentionally” hit a kicker or the holder in order to draw a penalty. If you accidentally hit a punter, you get a roughing the kicker call. The penalty was fair, and the player that committed it was retarded. End of story.

  • That roughing the passer call was bullshit. That should have been a 5 yard facemask penalty, not a 15 yard one.

    I didn’t actually see that play, however, there is no such beast as a 5 yard facemask penalty anymore. I believe it was a rule change at the beginning of the season. Whether the head is turned or not, it’s an automatic 15 yard penalty. Please keep up. A defender can graze the QB’s head and get a roughing the passer call — hell, I think Woodley’s had that called on him several times. Suck it up, Buttercup. Stay away from the QB’s head.

  • Santonio should have penalized for that LeBron imitation move after the TD.

    Yeah, I would have to agree. However, me being a non-basketball fan, I had no idea what he was doing. It was pretty subtle, and I’m sure the refs missed it. It wasn’t as though he was shooting flares into the air to get their attention when he did it.

Anyway, I’m sure there’s plenty more out there. Dear Lord, nothing is ever not a conspiracy anymore. In fact, I’m sure the Shadow Government is getting concerned over all the conspiracies any more, and will form a conspiracy to end all the conspiracy talk.

Just sayin’.


5 Responses to “A glutton for punishment”

  1. February 4, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    What you are reading on the interwebs is exactly what you would expect to read from a bunch of football fans who only started watching the game THIS YEAR… and when I say “this year” I mean 2009 because most Arizona fans didn’t give a shit about the Cardinals until they looked like they could be something special this year.

    Steeler fans have been watching the game all of their lives. Good seasons, bad seasons and games they know the Steelers were gonna lose.

    We know the refs sucked worse than usual this season.

    How dare anyone bitch about a missed block in the back when the refs missed about 15 holds on Harrison throughout the game.

    Holmes shouldn’t be penalized for his celebration… unless other players join in, or it’s taunting. Which didn’t happen and nobody on the Cardinals team was taunted.

    Harrison was an idiot at the end of the game… I’m sure he’s gonna get fined for it, and it pretty much sealed the deal that he wouldn’t get MVP for the game no matter how the game ended.

  2. 2 Mike
    February 5, 2009 at 11:10 am

    Clearly, Three is now on the Rooneys’ payroll, along with the refs, the replay officials, Madden, Michaels, Obama, the NFL’s VP of officiating, and several Phoenix journalists, who have publicly said they agree it was a touchdown, and Warner fumbled at the end of the game. Way to go, Three!

  3. February 6, 2009 at 4:39 pm

    I’ll pay you $2 to retract your disagreement with me about using the football as a prop….

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