Road to hell, good intentions

I recently decided that that I wasn’t going to repaint the computer desk that I have downstairs, and would just move it up into the geekatorium and get things to where they should be. I just have a bunch of other things that I wanted to do, and just didn’t want to wait for the weather to cooperate so I could get out and paint it.

So, today I started attempting to move it.

Well, it was bulkier than I remember, and wasn’t going to fit up the stairs. So, I took the wheels off of it. Figured I could just slide it up.

No go.

I looked, figured if I took the top 2 shelves off, bada-bing, THEN I’d be good to go. So, off they went.

Nope, still not enough.

Then it became painfully obvious that I was just gonna have to disassemble the whole damn thing. I mean, it’s not like it’s a great antique desk or something. No — just one I got at Staples years ago. It was blocking my access to the dining room where I store my tools (makes perfect male logic), so I took it apart with my old mountain bike “swiss army knife,” which was in the geekatorium. It has a number of allen keys and a flathead screwdriver thing, which was, apparrantley the only tools needed for the job (and I did it while watching “Shuan of the Dead,” I might add).

Then I had it completely disassembled in my living room. And as I sat and looked at the mess, I said to myself, “Well, I may as well sand and paint the damn thing.”

Yeah. So another project was born.

Wait a minute, wasn’t moving it upstairs supposed to make things easier for me?


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