Catching up, V2

Man, where does the time go? I swear, I’ve been busier than ever, and every time I turn around, BAM, 5 days are gone. I’m baffled.

But, now that I have some time at work while I wait for other people to finish up, here’s a couple of things that’s been on my mind recently:

1) The funerals: The other day, I was zipping down Route 28, wondering why there were cars lining the road. Well, apparently Officer Mayhle’s body was being transported to Indiana, Pa. People talked about how large the crowds were in the city, but further up, those crowds were still there. I mean, I was at the Mills mall, and firemen and citizens just lined the streets. It was amazing. The procession drove northbound, I was traveling south, so as we passed, I took my hat off and gave a quick salute. But it was really a powerful moment — and one that I will never forget. This particular entry deserves a much more detailed blog all to itself, but seriously, I don’t see when I’ll have the time to do it. Man, when did life get so hectic?

2) Biden’s dog: I read a little ditty about Joe Biden’s dog breeder saying if she could take selling the dog to him back, she would. Aparently, she’s come under crazy scrutiny as well has received death threats from animal rights groups because her breeding of German Shepards enrages them. (Apparently, groups like PETA say that by buying a purebreed, that you’re condemning a dog in a pound to death.) To them I give a big ole American bird. You know what? It’s Biden’s damn right to buy whatever the hell dog he wants. And you know what else? It’s the breeders damn right to breed and sell dogs without crazy mofos like you threatening her life about it. You don’t like it? Well too fucking bad. I feel for pound puppies. But if it’s someone’s dream to have a purebred, who are you douchebags to say anything about it? That person is paying for the dog, for the vet bills, for the food, for the grooming — I think they’re damn well entitled to get whatever dog they want to get. What’s next, are the eco-freaks gonna tell us that we can only buy used cars because by not doing so, we’re causing scrap yards to be filled up with serviceable cars?

3) Wang heavy week: I don’t know why, but it seems like every movie or show I’ve watched in the past week has featured male full-frontal. “Observe and Report” had a whole story arc devoted to a flasher, who ran around naked. “Watchmen” — well, big blue dong. And the most disturbing thing: The Venture Brother’s blu-ray that I picked up is uncensored, and I never realized how much dong Cartoon Network fuzzed out. Is this the new trend in film? I mean, let’s face it, boobs are a lot nicer to look at than a guy’s junk. Blah.

Geez, I know there was more stuff on my mind…but I seem to have forgotten the other things. Oh well — I’ll probably remember when I have less time than I do right now.


1 Response to “Catching up, V2”

  1. April 14, 2009 at 11:50 am

    Yeah but male junk is shocking… and that’s really what modern media is about now days. Every since Stiffler chugged down some beer-cum every movie aimed at teens has to have a gross-out scene of some sort.

    Be it the kid with period pants in Super Bad or Randal getting shit on in Zack and Miri – they have to do it.

    Showing wiener is part of that trend… “OH MY GOD THEY SHOWED WANG! THEY NEVER SHOW WANG!”

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