The GOP wants your opinion!

I stumbled across this little gem the other day…the GOP is looking to “rebrand” their image, and wants YOUR input!

OMG. Dick Cheney must be rolling in his coffin, waiting for the sun to go away so he can get out and tear someone’s head off. Well, technically, I’m sure he does that daily, but now he must be really vexed.

Actually, it comes at a funny time, because I was doing a little gardening the other day, I was thinking about what the GOP would have to do to win back someone like me — someone who would be deemed a “moderate” or a “Dennis Miller Republican” — who bailed on the GOP in the past few years. So,  since they’re askin’, here’s 5 things I’d like to see them do:

  1. It’s called “progress,” stupid: It may be me, but the GOP hasn’t seemed to come up with, or pioneered, any new ideas in the past gazillion years. Everything is always about the stuff that is impossible to legislate — like behavior and choices. Or, if there is a plan, it’s all about “taking us back to the good ole days, with Ma, apple pie, stogies and poodle skirts.” Or, they basically just tell people that the Dems are stupid. I haven’t been able to vote for a GOP candidate in a while because of this lack of direction. This is really easy, folks: If you want to be relevant in the future, you have to think about and plan for the future. Embrace technology and science: You can’t lead when you’re 50 years behind.
  2. Walkin’ what your talkin’: If your gonna talk on the crappy economy and about how Americans need to tighten their belts, then you better be doing it yourself. And also, you need to be pushing bills that eliminate waste, pork and perks for YOURSELVES FIRST, before you cut programs to everyone else. It’s really easy to sit back and talk about tightening belts when your house and car is paid for, and you still have a 6-figure income and free healthcare. The majority of folks don’t have that luxury. So, the lesson here is this: Leaders lead by example, and people know hypocrisy when they see it.
  3. Recognize the most important topic: Here’s a hint: It’s not abortion, gun control, steroids in baseball or even terrorism. It’s ENERGY. The GOP needs to take the lead in alternative energy ideas and incentives. As we continue to become more technologically advanced, we need more POWER to fuel our endeavors, and that power isn’t going to come from oil and coal.  It’s going to come from a variety of sources — nuclear, solar, wind and hydroelectric. The more variety, the better. Embrace it, live it, be it. If you don’t, you’re going the way of the dinosaurs. Lock down energy independence, and national security risks drop tremendously.
  4. Recognize the weak topics: When Congress does stuff like “We’re going to have a hearing about steroids in baseball” — refuse to be a part of it. It’s a maddening waste of time, especially when you guys have MUCH bigger fish to fry. Focus on the big stuff, and let the small stuff slide. Get back to the GOP’s roots, which was to create a healthy business environment, maintain a small government and stay out of people’s lives.
  5. Drop the God stuff: This will be controversial, but here’s the thing: Any time I hear someone talk about an issue, and they use the term “moral” or “God” to support the idea, that means they have nothing else to support their argument, cause or idea. There are some obvious areas where moral could be used (“I don’t think it’s right to kill unborn children”), but TOO OFTEN it’s used for stances that aren’t nearly as drastic (“I think it’s immoral what consenting adults do in the bedroom with each other”). Bringing God and religion into the mix can backfire — you may draw in supporters, but you’re going to push a lot of people away. I know if I hear a candidate say, “Well, that’s in God’s hands,” they don’t get my vote. Why? Because I always flash back to a story from a friend of mine who was a pilot instructor. One day, he was teaching a man how to fly, and put him through a little “emergency” but cutting some of the controls (standard procedure). The student had no idea of what to do, so he took his hands off the controls and said, “It’s in God’s hands now.” My friend had to take over to keep them from crashing. No one I know would want that student to be their pilot, so why would they want someone like that to be their leader? It’s OK to have a religious background, but non-religious folks will be more impressed with your ability to think on your feet and get things done than by your Bible knowledge.

Those are the big 5, but here’s another that probably should be in there: You should ALWAYS be listening. The big problem that the GOP suffered under G.W. and Satan is the perception of being completely arrogant and uncaring to the needs of the people who elected them to lead.  Making people feel included, not excluded, is the name of the game — don’t always assume that you know best and brush off ideas that don’t jive with your own.


2 Responses to “The GOP wants your opinion!”

  1. 1 Mike
    May 7, 2009 at 10:05 am

    I always feel like the GOP are the people who think Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment for gay marriage, and the Democrats are the people who think that if Popeye’s runs out of Chicken, they are victims, and the government should step in, and make sure they can get their chicken.
    Can’t there be a party for the people who realize how ridiculous both of these opinions are, and just think rationally?

  2. May 8, 2009 at 10:31 am

    Point 1 is a bit of a misconception caused by the issues you’ve raised in Point 5. 2 and 4 are dead on. My only comment about your Point 3 is that Energy Independence is the actual issue here.

    Alternative Energy is good when practical, but we really need to take advantage of the traditional domestic energy we have. The GOP needs to explain that the environmental kooks belong to the Dems and then push to create some new nuclear power plants, new dams for hydroelectric power and remove barriers from oil drilling and coal mining. They could even make a regulation requiring that all new sources of domestic energy are for domestic sale only, thus giving the USA an energy advantage and creating an alternative to OPEC. This would probably force foreign energy producers to lower their prices to compete with our domestic producers. So it would be a win-win for us.

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