The Great Chicken Caper

I was goofing around on Facebook the other day, going to a friend’s profile to steal a picture that I needed for my collection of bad humor. And then I stumbled across something that’s been making me laugh for 2 days now.

I guess the background of the news report is that Popeye’s Chicken ran a promo about 8 pieces of chicken for $4.99. Places were mobbed, and some places ran out of chicken. So, here’s the news report video.

Now, apparently this has raised cries of racism, since only black people were used for the piece and the obvious stereotyping that it raises. But none of that is why I found it so funny. (And as a side note, here’s another youtube video from a different location showing only black people at a Popeye’s on the same day, so it’s conceivable that there were no white folks there to interview.)

(And as a separate side note, is the other news anchor at the end 12? She’s TINY.)

But again, the race angle and the obvious stereotyping isn’t what cracks me up. It’s the cries of “How am I supposed to feed my kids?” coming from people driving SUVs, the arguments like “In these tough times, people want to spend their money and they don’t want it!” and the woman screaming at a recording in an empty store.

I know I know, there’s the principle of it. If I had been one of those people, I’d have felt duped, too. But seriously, if you really need some fried chicken (and when the craving hits, it hits), you can’t go somewhere else and spend some extra money or just make some chicken at home? This shit ain’t hard, folks. Remember Shake n’ Bake? And really, what has yelling at an empty store ever gotten anyone, except maybe a free trip to the nuthouse. Oh, and if you find yourself worried about how you’re gonna feed your kids, maybe you ought not be driving a Ford Expedition.

Well, some comedians took this story to heart and did a skit based on it, and it’s just added to my laughter. (NOT SAFE FOR WORK, explicit language)

“I’m never ever coming back here again. Until you guys get some more chicken. When’s that truck comin’ through?”

Oh people. What we opt to freak out about never fails to amuse me.


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