Still slackin'

My apologies for the lack of entries in recent weeks. Home projects, time with Cali, Warcraft raiding, lots of fun at work and a cousin’s funeral have really cut into my blog time. Hell, I don’t even get a chance to watch TV anymore. For those of you who blog often, if not daily (ie, Burghbaby, PittGirl when her site was up), you have my complete and utter respect. I don’t know how you folks found the time to do it. Seriously.

And for those of you whose blogs I always visit — I’m missing more of your writings than I care to admit. However, I swears I’m gonna get back into a groove here soon. The landscaping is almost done, which should free up time in the very near future. (And no, you won’t see pictures until AFTER the plants start blooming, and I put that edging in.) Of course, the next project on the docket is painting the house … which I don’t want to linger on and on like other projects tend to do.

And no, I still haven’t updated that damn intro thingy. Can someone tell me how to split myself into two people to get this stuff done, and then remerge myself later on? Blah.


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