Proof that PennDOT hates us


Route 28 North, closed. Don't look at me as I cry.

For the 25,000 or so commuters who use Route 28 daily, we’ve known for a long time that PennDOT hates us.

From stupid interchanges  where everything is essentially one-lane traffic, to stretches with no shoulders where every POS car seems to break down, to landslides out by Harmar, and all of that road widening for the hordes going to the Pittsburgh Mills mall  (tee hee) — we should be used to being PennDOT’s whipping boy by now.

But no, NOW they got something new for us. We have a structurally deficient bridge that will take the fine road crews until October to fix. And we all know what this means — detour detour detour. It starts off going across the 62nd Street bridge, then you make a left to keep going north, going all through that scary little neighborhood, past the zoo, and then on to the Highland Park Bridge to get back over to Route 28.

OK, that’s a pain, but I can deal with it. (I work nights, so there’s not much traffic. But for you normies in that normal 28 traffic … I feel for you.)

HOWEVER, they also have lane restrictions by Millvale since they’re doing work on the retaining wall, making those retaining braces all pretty. (OK, I’m sure they’re putting on a chemical substance to help keep them from oxidizing so quickly, but for me, it looks like they’re just shining them up.)

In the end, we Route 28 commuters are now like the main pornstar in a gangbang flick — we’re getting it from the front and the back, and the only thing going through our minds is “When the fuck is this going to be over. GAH.” We keep hoping that one will finish up rather quickly — but we know there’s another boneheaded idea waiting around the corner to nail us again.

When it’s all said and done, I’m sure the payoff will be pretty sweet. But until it is … what a pain in the ass.


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