Pasta and Derby Demons


For those of you who like a little fun with your pasta, I recommend going to the Spaghetti Warehouse in the Strip on Thursday. You’ll be getting good food, and be helping your Steel City Derby Demons!

Since they made the online flyer rather small (and difficult to read for crusty old bastards like me), more information is available here, at their official Web site.

Cali and I plan on attending, with a possible appearance by Pigpen Jen and some of the teacher friends who I’m about to pester. And we’ll definitely be hitting the scrimmage, once I find out exactly where the Romp n’ Roll is.


Not this argument AGAIN, fanboy!

And you gotta love the theme: “Supervisors vs. Underlings” and “Star Trek vs. Star Wars.” I know I’ll be rooting for the “Underlings” and the “Star Wars” factions. (I wonder if I can find a Boba Fett mask and wear it to the event … cause we all know Star Wars would kick the shit out of Star Trek [provided we’re NOT including the prequels, which don’t exist in my mind.])

So come on out, eat some food and help out your Derby Demons. It’ll be a good time, I swears it!

(Facebook users: Interested in following the SCDD? Join their group!)


2 Responses to “Pasta and Derby Demons”

  1. 1 Ian
    June 11, 2009 at 9:28 am

    How did you get that picture of Mark Madden in the Star Wars costume?

  2. June 11, 2009 at 6:19 pm

    Quantitatively speaking, Star Trek is far superior to Star Wars.

    Star Wars (IV): Excellent
    Empire (V): Excellent
    Jedi (VI): Half-Decent
    Phantom (I): Crap
    Clones (II): Crap
    Sith (III): Utter Crap
    Star Wars Christmas Special: The Crappiest Thing Created in the History of Entertainment
    Ewoks Cartoon: Major Crap
    Clone Wars Cartoon: Less Than Half-Decent
    Action Figures: Excellent
    Yoda by Weird Al: Very Good
    Books: Mostly Bad
    Video Games: Nearly All Awful

    Star Trek TOS: Excellent
    Star Trek Animated Series: Very Good
    Star Trek the Motion Picture: Decent
    Wrath of Khan: Excellent
    Search for Spock: Decent
    Voyage Home: Good
    Final Frontier: Crap
    Undiscovered Country: Half-Decent
    Star Trek Next Gen: Good
    DS9: Very Bad
    Voyager: Crap
    Generations: Decent
    First Contact: Good
    Insurrection: Half-Decent
    Nemesis: Dull
    Enterprise: Almost Good
    Star Trek 2009: Very Good
    Warp 11 (Band): Very Good
    Books: Mostly Half-Decent
    Video Games: Mostly All Bad
    Toys: Very Good

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