Improvement, dorkness and otherwise

Ridin’: I did a little riding today. Went out to Deer Lakes, broke out my MTB swag and hit those trails. It was a beautiful day for it, so why the heck not?

crankin crankin crankin

crankin crankin crankin

Well, after a few minor problems (ie, my shoe lace getting caught on my chain ring, which promptly cut it in half), I found a nice a little groove and rode. I was taking hills that I’ve previously had to get off my bike and walk up (no shame in pushin’ — ok, there’s some shame in pushin’ up hills that I normal ride up), and for the first time in a long time, I KNEW I could ride the entire 6-7 mile circuit that I would normally ride (you know, if I was in shape). The better part? I was unwittingly riding some parts on my middle chain ring — which means my riding through the neighborhood is paying off, because my legs are getting much stronger.

So, hopefully, with a little luck, my legs will be at HR Buff-n-stuff level by the end of July or August. The gut will take longer to go, but as long as I keep riding, it will go.

Weather permitting, Wednesday I will ride the entire circuit. And that will be a good start.

Dork Alert! Feel free to skip this part

Dont you wish your boyfriend was a dork like me...

Don't you wish your boyfriend was a dork like me...

Warcraft: So, yeah, I’ve been playing a lot of Dorkcraft lately. And by a lot, I do mean A LOT. Well, maybe not a lot, but at more varied times, and doing a lot of raiding. For the unintiated, raiding is teaming up with other players to take down dungeons/bosses that you can’t solo. It requires a lot of special gear, and more importantly, teamwork, to be able to advance in the game.

Luckily, I’ve found a good group to raid with. The bad part? They raid from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. my time. They’re predominately West Coasters.

But maybe you SHOULD have run from a warrior like me.

But maybe you SHOULD have run from a warrior like me ...

Now, I have a billion toons, but I’ve really been focusing on Soangri, my fabulous warrior. He was the first toon that I made on the server when I jumped from my small army of Hordies. He was made pre-BC (Burning Crusade expansion), and so therefore didn’t get a lot of stuff as easily as newer toons. Like, for example, I recently did a lot of the beginning quests (as a level 80 character) that I skipped over because I could now earn reputation with certain cities, which is good. He’s gone from being Honored to Exalted with everyone except the gnomes and Exodar. I hate those stingy ass rep rewards from them. Freaks.

I rule!

I rule!

But yeah, I’ve even been doing the Argent Tourney. Got myself a little squire (who looks remarkably similar to Hank Venture of “Venture Brothers” fame) to bear my standard. This is no great feat, but it is fun, and I especially loved this little trick that enabled me to fly 2 flags at the same time.

But yeah, it’s been cool getting this toon geared, because I normally would only raid with Soevil, my Warlock. But I’ve always had an affinity for the Warrior class, and was always kinda sad that he pretty much was left to languish. In favor of a castor. A GNOME castor at that.

You must pay the rent!

Soevil: "You must pay the rent!"

But now fury warrior is a lot of fun, and I’m actually contributing on raids in my dps gear. My tank gear still needs work, but I’m looking forward to being able to do that, too. And thanks to the inscription profession, I’m now able to enchant my alts. I made Soevil and enchanter, and have almost leveled him up to 400 enchanting. He’s only sitting at level 73, but I hope by the end of July to have him up to 80 and raiding. Cause honestly, Warlock is a hoot and they are pretty useful. And leveling has been fun, because felguards rule.

So, yeah, I’m creating my own little army. And yes, it could be said that it’s all rather sad, that I’ve sunk a lot of time into something that bears no actual return — except entertainment. And it’s also true that I could have completely redone my house in the time I’ve spent playing Dorkcraft (you know, provided I had the money to do so). But I’m having fun, so leave me alone. At least I’m not watching “American Idol.”

(Feel free to return the "normal" blog entry)

Flowers: All the flower beds I’ve planted are starting to grow. I’m pretty happy about that. Well, except the hostas, which seem to not want to grow, or are growing incredibly slowly. However, the callas are going like gang busters, and I’m hoping to have pictures in the upcoming weeks, once they start blooming.


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