The beauty of Pits

One of my coworkers turned me on to this site — I’m not sure of it’s official name, but the blog addy calls it the “Dog Days Book.”  The author, from what I gather, is driving around the country with her Pit Bull Loren, trying to dispel the growing myth that the Pit Bull breed are dangerous, vicious dogs. (And yes, I call it a myth, since I was raised with 2 and they never bit my sister or I. Hogan was a giant lap dog, and Dolly never hesitated to kiss us.) I’m a firm believer that the breed gets a bad name because of people who think they are a fashion accessory, and let them run wild instead of being a responsible pack leader and training/socializing them. Any dog can be dangerous without training and leadership — heck, Cali told me she had seen more kids bitten by Chocolate Labs than any other dog breed while she was doing her stint at Children’s.

The author was recently in Pittsburgh, and paid a visit to the Western PA Humane Society based in the North Side.

It’s a really good write up of the WPHS’ “Super Seven” program, as well as another effort to help reform the breed’s reputation called “Hello Bully.

It’s good to know someone is looking out for the breed, and it makes me feel good knowing that there are several efforts going on in my own back yard. I may have to look into seeing what I can do to help.


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