This one's for me

I went out on this morning’s ride, telling myself that my only goal today was to ride the former circuit that I use to crush. And I did that. In fact, I did it with relative ease.

Getting stronger...

Getting stronger...

The thing that surprised me the most was the fact that I did it on mostly the second and third front chain ring. For you non-cyclers, that’s the tough stuff. Your inner chainring is you “granny gear” — your outside one is your “road” gear (ie, flat, easy surface).

But you know, it wasn’t until I stopped at about the midway point that I realized how far I’ve come in just the past week or so of riding. My legs had that old rock-solid-burning-yet-could-turn-to-jello-at-any-minute  feel to them. I was bleeding from a thorn in my forearm and some scratches on my shins (par for the course). I even had my first crash today — stupidly, I was coasting with my left foot down, and it snagged a vine. I couldn’t clip out, so BAM, over I fell. And you know what? I was laughing and bemoaning the fact that no one was there with a camera. And at the end, I know I had a shit-eating grin, despite breathing entirely too hard for what the course is.

Parts of the ride weren’t pretty. And yeah, the part that I haven’t ridden has changed a bit since I was last there, so I walked parts of it as I figured out where the new trails went. But I also made it up parts that just yesterday I was thinking to myself, “There’s no way I’ll do this for awhile yet.” Today, zoom, no sweat. D-U-N done.

Even at the end, I was on the outside chain ring, cruising back to the car. Thank you muscle memory. The riding legs are coming back. I’m ecstatic.

So today, pardon me if I don’t share my steak and beer. Today, it’s all about me, and it’s all mine.


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