Ghost Hunters vs Ghost Lab

Being a fan of the paranormal — and being on a “Ghost Hunters” binge for the past week — naturally I had to catch Discovery’s newest ghost hunting show called “Ghost Lab.”

Inevitably, there is going to be a comparison between the two shows, so I decided I’d write out my own mini comparison between them.

  1. The hosts: OK, I like Grant and Jason from GH far more than the Klinge brothers of GL. Maybe it’s a southern vs. northern thing here, but the chemistry and sense of humor is better with Grant and Jason
    Stop eating our young!

    Stop eating our young!

    than it is with the Klinges. The Klinges just come across as overbearing — moreso Brad than Barry — but that’s also because Brad looks almost like a Klingon in several shots. It’s like he’s always snarling, which gives the impression of “Agree with me or I’ll eat your young!” And there’s also that feeling that they were both football lineman and never outgrew that mentality. Hopefully, they’ll grow on me as I get used to them, but right now, GH easily wins this category. (Oh, and I know it’s the South and it’s hot, but really, seeing the big guys sweating in HD is pretty gross.)

  2. All your equipment are belong to us

    But do they have our fine acting skills?

    Equipment: No contest here: Ghost Lab takes it. They have a giant horse trailer that they work out of. They have giant CSI style TVs and seem to have a bazillion gadgets that the GH guys don’t have. I don’t know if Discovery sprung for all this crap or if the Klinges come from money or what, but TAPS seems rather rinky-dink in comparison to them. (But let’s face it, Jay has 5 kids at home, and Grant has 3. I have a feeling that the Klinges have yet to reproduce, or if they have, have the potential to eat their young, so they may have more disposable income to spend on equipment.)

  3. Theory: This is kind of a draw. I want to say Ghost Lab has the edge here because they are experimenting with Brad’s “Era Cues” theory, which is mildly better than running around measuring things with no theory at all. (Oh, and “Era Cues” was somewhat brought up in GH when they were in Europe, investigating The Viaduct Tavern.) However, going to the “parallel universe” theory was really reaching. And they seemed extremely quick to pronounce a place haunted from having a few EVPs. I still like TAPS’ practice of assuming a place IS NOT haunted first, and looking for logical answers before assuming anything supernatural.
  4. Holy Batheft!

    "Holy Batheft!"

    Investigation: Generally, I like GH’s approach, although I loathe when they bring out people who use dowsing rods and the like. But there’s only been one episode of GL, so I can’t draw a conclusion here. However, calling the lab the “para-lab” is annoying — I wonder if the GL guys call their rig the “para-mobile” or if they break out the “para-EMF detectors” and have “Para-shark repellent” stashed in the “para-lab.” Result: Too early to call.

  5. Sorry guys, I still dont like you.

    Sorry guys, I still don't like you.

    Crew: Again, too early to call. However, it seems like the Klinge brothers have enough ego to require a second trailer. They easily overwhelm the rest of the staff, who just shrink away in the background because the brothers are just so intensely focused on the mission at hand (ERA CUES!) that everything else is just shoved out of the way. If you watch Katie Burr (which I was, because there’s only like 2 women on the crew), she almost always has her arms crossed, which is a classic defensive stance. The GH crew has more personality, and gives off more of a “team” vibe, even in their pissing contests. GL will have a lot of ground to cover here, as GH did a great job of giving you a feel for the entire TAPS crew.

  6. Pacing: GH frustrates me at times, because it seems like they spend entirely too much time setting up and breaking down, which just bogs
    Ive found orbs!

    I think I've discovered 2 orbs!

    down the rest of the show (but then again, wandering around in the dark for 7 hours and finding nothing won’t do anything to help that). However, GL seems to be the exact opposite. It feels like they rush in, talk with people, talk about Era Cues, sweat, talk to an “expert,” capture a few EVPs, emit a few Texas-style whoops and yeehas, pronounce a place haunted and then move on. At least GH kinda feels like more of a story.

So, that’s the initial impression. I’m going to keep my eye on Ghost Lab to see how it evolves. (Remember kids, ERA CUES! Disagree with Brad and he’ll eat your young!) But I’m also going to keep watching Ghost Hunters, because hey, if nothing else, it’s entertaining to watch people stumble around in the dark.


17 Responses to “Ghost Hunters vs Ghost Lab”

  1. 1 Dawn Bradley
    October 7, 2009 at 3:34 pm

    Being a paranormal investigator I am always eager to observe new groups with new techniques. I must agree with you GH and GHI are far more viewer friendly. These Peele Bro’s seem to lack in the social skills departement…LOL…but their enthusiasm and their as you put it “CSI” lab equipment really kicks up the possibilities to capture scientific evidence on tape. Maybe they will grow on us. The Peele Bro’s are just another different example of a type pf paranormal investigator. We are used to GH’s Grant with his silky smooth demeanor and Jason’s billy goat gruffness. Plus you get sucked up with their personal drama’s like when Brian was on the show. Maybe these guys are just so full of testosterone and enthusiasm they fail to realize the image they are projecting. But heck….the one reminds me of my older brother. He’s a big ass but very intelligent. Remember it takes all kinds…~Dawn, Boo-Grass Paranormal, Richmond Kentucky

    Where once I was afraid, I now embrace the dark

  2. 2 Dawn Bradley
    October 7, 2009 at 7:12 pm

    Like I said Brad reminds me of my older brother. Very intelligent but in your face type of attitude.Barry on the other hand seems more laid back. I do look forward to the next installment. Did these guys come off youtube ?I had heard that.
    Also I have to correct myself. I have been calling these guys the Peele Bro’s…and I guess I have a mental malfunction cause they are the Klinge Bro’s….for a week I have been trying to call then that…don’t know why. Maybe in their past lifes they were bro’s with the last name Peele…LOL
    Boo-Grass Paranormal
    Where once I was afraid I now embrace the dark

  3. 3 bear
    October 8, 2009 at 11:37 am

    I’m niether in IT or apart of a paranormal group. Merely a person with a fasination with the paranormal and to be honest a long time fan of GH.

    That being said i have to agree with everything I read here including the comments… personal note… its nice to know someone else feels the same way I do about Brian and Adam…lol

    Good guys, decent investigators but i stil dont like them either. As for the dowsing rods… I actually like that they do that only fore the fact that it shows they (GH) are not dismissing any theroy or technics. Also as for the pacing while I do agree I think that is more an editing thing which falls under the control of the SyFy and Discovery respectfully. My Main complant about GL vs. GH is evedince review. I like the fact that Jay and Grant donont stop investigating if the believe they “caught” something. They may pause take another “Look or Listen” but, then continue. To me it seems like the Peele…. opps Klinge bro’s. (just some light harted ribbing) the Klinge’s will drop and stop everything to run out to the lab at the drop of a hat.

    Lebanon, Ohio

  4. 4 Dawn Bradley
    October 9, 2009 at 12:12 am

    I agree with Bear that they are kinda quick to declare something paranormal and then run off in a different direction….LOL

    They are kinda like the Emeril Lagasse’s of host huntingH…their like “BLAM”..”.It’s Haunted…LOL.

    GH and GHI tend to go “Oh Wow”….then keep on plugging along like paranormal activity is no big deal and there’s something spookier around the next corner.

    The Klinge Bro’s (hey I said it right this time) and their hyper enthusiasm (especially the funny part where they were imitating in a creepy voice the EVP they captured) mildly compares to one of my favorites…

    That very hyper, excitable (and built) Zak Bagans from Haunted Travels. Zak and his trio are fun and full of energy and wonder…like small children.

    Their darker side creeps in as they describe their destinations with gothic delight…it always reels me in…LOL…and who can resist a ghost hunter who provokes spirits, then runs screaming down the hall like a girl when a board or brick is flung at them by a playful spirit…LOL

    One day…mark my words…I will have an all chick show called “The Boo Girls”. When that happens I will incorporate some awesome Metal or Rock Music for a backdrop.

    I think a little energy ambience rock would kick it up a notch. Yes there are some Metal Head Paranormal Investigators out there….{{{{waving}}}}…

    Boo-Grass Paranormal
    Richmond Kentucky
    Where once I was afraid I now embrace the dark

  5. 5 bear
    October 9, 2009 at 11:11 am

    Boo-Girls sounds like a good name for a show and since your close you could investigate Bobby Mackey’s in Wilder, KY for your first show.

    and yes I am still keeping an open mind on Ghost Lab. it is only the first show. I’ll give the Klinge’s at least half a season just becuase of their tech stuff. before I make my final decision.

    I just hope Discovery isn’t editing things this wayto be different from SyFy and GH. Know what I mean…. I know they have to try to be different which is why, like I said before the dont show all the time it take to set up equipment like they do on GH. My personal opinion bad editing can make a good show unwatchable.

  6. 6 Dawn Bradley
    October 9, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    Bobby Mackey’s…oh that makes my mouth water…LOL…

    That place is so awesome.

    I have seen all the shows on TV and read everything.

    This place is built on the portal of hell it’s self…I would most likely need protective gear to investigate this place.

    I am currently investigating a desecrated Indian Burial Mound in a sub division right now. For some reason this is being kept hush hush and I want to know why. I have been there and have seen some weird things happen.

    I snapped some pics and captured a mist in the photo complete with screaming skull face in it.

    The really weird thing is this pic was taken at 2pm in the daylight, sunny weather, no fog or mist.

    I have submitted it to all the groups I belong to and they are all excited about it. They all see what I see.

    I thought it might be “Matrixing”. Matrixing is a term paranormal investigators use to describe the human mind’s natural tendency to find familiar shapes in complex shapes or colors. In other words finding a face in the shapes and shadows of a collection of objects.

    Many seasoned paranormal investigators examined my photo…they are all convinced I have captured an angry Indian Spirit in the mist.

    Rock On
    Boo-Grass Paranormal

  7. 7 Dawn Bradley
    October 10, 2009 at 10:29 am

    I can send you a copy of the pic…there are 5 total.

    One shows the mound from the front, two others document the houses behind this spot and the construction supplies abandon (cinder blocks, pallets) ,

    #4 is the premier pic. It is a long distance shot of the desecration that the construction company inflicted on this mound.

    That’s the pic with the mist.

    Pic #5 shows close up the desecration and how long it has set neglected…the evidence being the growth of the weeds in the back hoe dried mud tracks.

    Enough said, anybody wanting pics e-mail me at Spookyspectacular13@yahoo.com.

    Well gotta go watch Malevolence on the DVR…I love horror movies…

    Boo-Grass Paranormal
    Richmond Kentucky
    Where once I was afraid I now embrace the dark

  8. 8 Dawn Bradley
    October 10, 2009 at 10:58 am

    Oh by the way I am headed out to the Indian site here in a few hours.

    This time I am taking my EMF Meter , Video Camera, and my Digital.

    Bummer is my voice recorder is at somebody’s home and they are gone till Monday.

    Maybe I can still pick up some paranormal voices on the video camera audio.

    Suppose to take a girl friend named Lisha but I bet she’ll chicken and make and excuse. My step son Cliff said he would go but I think he’s on his way to buy beer so that won’t work for me if he’s buzzed…LOL….stoned maybe…drunk no way.

    So wish me luck and I will report back here to let ya know if I caught any boogers….LOL…that’s what my husband the non believer calls them.


    Boo-Grass Paranormal
    Richmond Kentucky
    Where once I was afraid I now embrace the dark

  9. 9 Dawn Bradley
    October 14, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    2nd “Ghost Lab”

    {{{clap}}} {{{clap}}} {{{clap}}}

    Okay….The bro’s did themselves proud this show. I loved the choice of location, and thought it daring to follow in the footsteps of GH, Haunted Travels and last but not least “Scary But True” .

    All three I just mentioned have investigated there. Each with a different tale to tell. GL’s approach was awesome and very interesting.

    They are soooo tech and that is soooo cool. (I am currently drooling over there gazillion dollars worth of equipment they own)

    Their approach is very unique, intelligent, imaginative,and very amusing to say the least!!!

    I relish their child like enthusiasem . It sucks me in and allows me to feel what they are feeling. Being a paranormal investigator I know the thrill of the hunt and the rapture of the capture…LOL

    This hunt was smooth. Last week was all about the bro’s with little interaction from the crew. Plus the crew looked petrified in the 1st show…like a deer caught in the head lights…LOL

    This episode we received a much more unified balance of the bro’s and the crew…yes folks the kids got to play too…(giggle giggle)

    Back to the hunt.

    Tombstone has been on my top 10 list since I was a kid. The Crystal Palace and the Bird Cage have provided so much paranormal evidence in the previous years.

    GL’s “speaker freak out” was kinda cool. I have never seen that in any other of the 3 shows. I am skeptical though….there are too many ways a body could rig a speaker. Or it could have been outside interference that sparked it. I recall one of the bro’s holding a piece of equipment near it and then back off. When the device was close to the speaker it sounded off. So we could be looking at a sensitivity issue here folks.

    The EVP’s were mildly interesting but nothing that held my attention.

    The silver mine though creepy and cool looking fell short in the paranormal aspect.It didn’t seem like they really spent much time in it.

    Boot Hill was really really awesome. Loved the whole previous evidence of the photograph with the ghost man’s image in it. And the fact that an actual cousin of the Clanton’s took the ghost photograph was really neat.

    Their final big evidence…the photo of the shadow person was superb. An investigator’s delight. I mean that was the shit….LOL

    I can’t forget to mention how I love their do dad’s and toys. That lightening box was real Sci Fi man….LOL…I want one of those just for parties….LOL

    But I have to say “Good Job Bro’s”, you deserve a pat on the back. I’ll definatley be there next week…same bat time, same bat channel…LOL

    Happy October

    Boo-Grass Paranormal

    “Where once I was afraid I now embrace the dark”

  10. 10 bear
    October 18, 2009 at 12:46 pm

    I agree Dawn I was impressed with this episode of GL more “team” interaction, and more subdued but still exciting. Still more a fan af GH but GL is gaining favor. As for your pics I will be requesting those shortly.

  11. 11 bear
    October 23, 2009 at 1:49 am

    Very Interesting Photos

    Would love to see more and opinions of others

    thanks Dawn

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