The countdown

We have ended all negotiations ....

"We begin bombing in five minutes."

I’ve decided to postpone the nukeage of the old World of Threes blog home until next Wednesday. It looks as though WordPress makes this really easy to do (ie, “transfer blog” function), but I’ve decided to give you guys some time to get adjusted. But I gotta admit, I’m feeling like Ronald Reagan during the cold war after weeks of fruitless negotiations with the Ruskies.

All new content will be here, and the extra time should enable you to switch your links, feeds and what not. And the Facebook link has been changed, so if you subscribe through there, you should be good to go.



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  • @ISeeAndHearYinz @PghCityGirl correct. 9 hours ago
  • Butthurt over being booted from a restaurant? Pghers, remember when servers stopped serving politicians for the Onorato Tax? 15 hours ago
  • On Luke Cage S2, I can't help but think that Bushmaster looks like the black version of the orange Jersey boys with the blowout haircuts. 17 hours ago
  • That moment when you do some meal prep for the week and it turns out so well you want to eat the entire thing in 1 shot. 1 day ago
  • Also with Luke Cage, I have to turn on the subtitles for the Dominican/Jamaican folks scenes. I'm officially "whitest whiteman" level. 1 day ago

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