Make it 12

In the vein of the Steel City Slant (sorry to copy, but it’s a useful idea), here’s a couple of thoughts that came to me during the Steelers v. Browns game.


  1. Comcast customer service

    Comcast customer service

    HD v. Primatecast: Today, my Comcast opted to have problems … RIGHT AT KICKOFF. I switched it to “normal” cable and cannot express my disdain at not having my HD working. Seriously, if you’ve never seen football (or hockey or any sporting event) in HD, it’s wonderful. If Comcast borks me again on another Steelers game, I swear, I’m driving down and kicking people in their groins. Stupid muppets.

  2. Commentators: Where the hell do these guys come from, and why do they suck more than Hoover vacuums? Seriously dude, it’s MENDENHALL, not MENDINGHALL. And way to focus on all the irrelevant stuff during the game. I hope that DVE comes up with a way that I can tune in to their broadcast and watch my HDTV. I hate listening to the network guys. They blow goats. I have proof.


  1. Coach Three

    Coach Three

    Poor Sweed: Wallace is kicking some serious ass. OK, he’s not posting breakout numbers or anything, but what I like about him is that when he gets the ball, he does something with it. Great speed, good hands — he’s a guy that’s going to do good things down the road. To pull a Coach Homer, “Limus, I liked your hustle. That’s why it was so hard to cut you.”

  2. Competition: Was it just me, or did it look like Fast Willie was playing like he used to, ie, hitting gaps fast, following blocks, etc? Mendenhall’s performance in the past 2 games seemed to get him going, but I have a feeling it may be too little too late. If Mendenhall keeps playing like he has been, I think he will be the man next year, and FW will be somewhere else.
  3. Fumbling ways: I know the rule with Mendenhall’s fumble, but I still call that last one bullshit. He was on his back, the pile had slid to a stop, no one was going anywhere. And then as they all lay there, they rip it out of his hands. That’s just dumb. However, Mendenhall really does need to hold on to the ball better … I swear I get flashbacks to Tim Worley sometimes.


  1. W-T-F.


    Rivals?: You know, I’m no fan of the Brownies … but Jeebus does it piss me off to see them suck so badly. I’m sorry, but I really enjoyed the “Rust Bowl” days  — you know, when it was a good, tough game, and the intensity was a lot higher due to rivalry between the teams. I would get amped up all week for that game, and my old college roomate (who was a Browns fan) and I would leave trash-talking messages on each other’s answering machines. What the hell is wrong with that organization? That rivalry is still kinda there, but it’s kinda like beating your trash-talking little cousin — you won, sure, but it’s not really fulfilling. I feel dirty saying this, but Browns fans and the city of Cleveland deserve better.

  2. Cribbs: If the Browns don’t take Cribb’s desire for an extension seriously (and it’s not one of those “I want $10 billion” kind of requests), I’m gonna have to put their management on par with the Pirates’ management. That dude is all over the place, and he plays hard.


  1. Pats v. Titans: Way to run up the score, Bill. You’re about as classy as the folks from “People of WalMart.But on the other hand: Titans, see what happens when you diss the Terrible Towel? The only way that that game could be better is if the Pats ran it up on the Titans, and then a meteor strike destroyed the stadium in the 4th. Seriously. I loathe the Pats.

1 Response to “Make it 12”

  1. November 13, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    I hear the network commentators used to work at Noah’s Arcade.

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