Sealing the deal?

Psst. Skippy. Kickers arent allowed in da hood, yo.

Psst. Skippy. Kickers aren't allowed in da hood, yo.

Oh Jeff.

Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy.

I don’t really know what’s going on in that little Heat Mizer brain of yours, Skippy (and truth be told, I don’t want to know), but a public intoxication and disorderly conduct charge? A year after you destroyed a paper towel dispenser at Sheetz in New Alexandria and yelled at the workers. (And hey, we know you were on your way back from the now defunct “Climax” strip bar on Rt. 22. We know how you love to the strippers.)

Do you remember who signs your paychecks?

Do you remember what team doesn’t tolerate repeated shenanigans?

Do you remember that you’re in a contract year, and that you missed a couple field goals already?

Dont get mad at me ... Im trying to help.

Don't get mad at me ... I'm trying to help.

Skippy — and this is from me to you, buddy — you are on the downward slide. I guarantee the Rooneys see that. Shape up, or your ass will be shipped out.

Look at Santonio — he screwed up, accepted responsibility and manned up. He turned things around for himself. You can see his maturity in his play and his distinct lack of courtroom appearances.

Look at Plexico, who was a trainwreck waiting to happen. Gone. Shipped to the Giants. Now in jail for shooting himself in the leg at a club. Dumbass.

I think your mantra for the season needs to be “Remember the Plexico!” You’re at a crossroad, amigo. Think which path you want to go down. Either way, you’re in control of your fate … God help us all.

Oh, and could you warm things up a little bit? I still need to get the house ready for winter. Thanks.

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