closing in

Tomorrow I transfer all the old blogs, and close down the old site. Getting kind of excited about it.

Of course, there’s a little apprehension too … like what happens if WordPress’ little gizmo fails and all of my old blogs get dumped into cyberspace … should I try and back them all up now, just in case? Hmmm.

Oh well. Regardless, of that, here’s your last reminder — change your links, bookmarks and feeds to this site!

In the meantime, watch this video of Jeff Reed … err, just some random drunk guy … trying to get more beer.

(Man, it’s like my college years condensed and played out in front of me … )

EDIT: I had to add this one, too. It’s freakin’ great.


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  • @nmd_shark Someone mentioned them at work and I heard it and was like "I need to give this a better listen." Very happy I did. 56 minutes ago
  • May have had a shit lift but walking through the park listening to Russian Circles is hitting the spot. 2 hours ago
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  • Plus I'm sure she just wants to lift. 3 hours ago
  • I really want to tell this young lady lifter that she has some of the strictest/best form I've seen in a long time, but no talking in gym 3 hours ago


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