Holy freakin cats

Just a small recap of the Stillers v. Vikings game:


  1. Just a fantatic game, and I would have said this even if the Steelers would have lost. Well, I would have been pissy about it, but I still would have said so. But this was the first game in a long time that I found myself yelling at the TV. Usually, I fall asleep in there somewhere.
  2. Again, I gotta find a way to listen to the local broadcast instead of the national announcers. What irked me this time was the Moose and Goose show, in which they A) Talked about their own careers or B) Gave each other compliments on their retired careers. And Goose, I’m sorry, I can’t stand listening to you talk, period. Well, I have a bye-week to try and find a way to make this happen.
  3. I moved my overstuffed lazyboy into the living room from its usual spot in my enclosed porch. Turned the TV a bit to get the “straight on” view. Watching the game in it was fantastic. That may be a permanent change.


  1. Big Ben: I don’t know if he was nervous or what, but he seemed to be throwing every single ball as hard as he could. Then again, he was threading the needle a lot of the time, and Viking defenders were always nearby.
  2. Defense: They finally decided to show up. Seriously. I was really impressed with that goal-line stand and their overall play.
  3. Santonio: OK amigo, you really need to stop that flexing move. After your impressive catch-and-run that Mendenhall squandered, it was warranted. Doing it after you get 3 yards is just plain silly. Plus that move is like just so 1984. Really, find something else.
  4. Get a grip: Speaking of fumbles, Mr. Mendenhall, do you really want to earn a reputation as a fumbler in the NFL? Every single defensive player knows that you are vulnerable there, and they’re gonna try and strip it. I suggest working on your technique. It just sucks because you were having a great game up until that point.
  5. Get a grip, 2.0: William Gay, today I labeled you the “Weakest Link” during half time. Why? Cause Favre targeted you. Know why? Cause you keep missing the initial tackle, fall down, and start grabbing for the receiver’s legs. I know it’s the NFL and receivers are shifty, but I’ll counter that with an “It’s the NFL, you should know how to tackle by now.” And oh, if you were wondering if you looked silly when Peterson paved you … the answer is yes.
  6. Run backs: I think those 2 run backs by Woodley and Fox took more time off the clock than any of the Steelers offensive drives in the 4th. Seriously, they made Harrison look like a World Class sprinter.
  7. Chateau Bow-Wow: Skippy, your horrid attempt at running that kick receiver out of bounds OR most pathetic excuse for a tackle imaginable (whatever it is you’re calling that little move on the field) has pretty much left you with no fans. I’m fairly confident that you won’t be with the team next year. It’s one thing when you screw up off the field, but that move just showed a complete disregard for your teammates who, if you noticed, were busting their asses out there in a tightly contested game.
  8. Lucky dogs: Sacrifice several goats to whatever being you worship, because your asses were only saved by divine intervention and a lot of lucky breaks.


  1. Favre: You know, I rarely get a chance to seem him play, which is sad, because he’s such an icon in the sport. But I had this feeling going in that if it was a close game, he was gonna throw an interception at a critical moment … which he did. Regardless, still great to see him play.
  2. Peterson: What a freakin’ hoss. Seriously. I have to admit, I cheered when he crushed Gay, because you could see the intensity in his face (thank you HD) and his flat out desire to win. Can’t say enough about the guy. He’s a driven player, and the Vikes would be silly not to trust him to take them to the playoffs and the Super Bowl. He reminded me of the Bettis days, when Bettis would get into the backfield and just knock over little DBs.
  3. Overall: Super impressed by this Viking team. I may jump on the bandwagon and make them my NFC team to cheer for, just because they played with so much heart and passion.

1 Response to “Holy freakin cats”

  1. 1 William J.
    October 26, 2009 at 1:55 am

    My favorite part about Adrian “AD” Peterson’s obliteration of Gay was the merciless stomp he gave him as he ran him over.

    Quick like Barry Sanders with the rushing style of Earl Campbell. He makes people pay.

    Great win!

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