close, yet no cigar

Go Panthers!

A disturbing feeling came over me today while visiting friends at a tailgate for the Pitt-Notre Dame game.

As a bus came by filled with the Pitt band playing the fight song, we instinctively screamed out what we’ve yelled for years…

Band: Dun dun da dun dun!

Band: Dun dun da dun dun!

P-E-N-N-S-T sucks!

Stay klassy, Flyers.

Stay klassy, Philly

And it was right then when I realized it was the closest I’ve ever been to being a Flyers fan.

See, one of the reasons I loathe the Flyers is because the fans never really actually cheer for their team. Seriously. Anytime I see the Pens play them, it’s chants about how Crosby sucks, or they make crybaby gestures, or their doing something that’s completely douchey toward the opposing team — but the one thing you don’t hear is a cheer such as “Go Flyers go!” They exist only to heckle, harass and name-call their opponents — the Flyers themselves are only an instrument to give their fans more ammo to hurl at their opponents.

I mentioned my realization to my friends. “Guys, we’re like the Flyers fans of collegiate football since all we love to do is yell ‘Penn State sucks.'”

But my friend Mike, ever the logical person, quickly said, “No. See, if we were like Flyers fans, we’d be booing Notre Dame. But we’re not. We’re just yelling that Penn State sucks, and that’s only because they are Penn State, and they do suck.”

And somehow, this made sense, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Go Panthers!

And Penn State sucks!

(Forgive us, we’re still not used to this whole “winning” thing.)


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