So a decision was made last night that defies all of my sensibilities.

We’re going to put up my Christmas tree this weekend.

Stop with the name calling. Stop gasping. No, I haven’t gone more insane. No, I’m not buckling to the store pressure (since they’ve had Xmas stuff out since September).

Normally I wait for the first weekend in December to put anything up. Or, rather, my first day off in December. That’s when I have a few beers, break out the Rudolph DVDs or 1940s Christmas music, turn on the gas fireplace  and get busy. (This also explains why my decorating skills rapidly erode as time goes on.) I may go a tad earlier than that because of work, etc., but the golden rule is NEVER, EVER BEFORE Thanksgiving. EVER. There are certain things in this world that ought not be leapfrogged, and these two holidays are among them.

But this year is different, because Cali is going back to California next week for like 2 months.

*Cue the Matrix music

Without getting into too much detail, Cali wasn’t raised with Christmas. Unlike those of us who were, she doesn’t associate Christmas with grandma making warm cookies, stockings stuffed with candy or oranges, gaudy presents under the tree, luminescent pine trees and Santa with mutant flying reindeer. She associates it with bad music and bad movies. You know George (Jimmy Stewart) from “It’s a Wonderful Life”? She wants to punch him in the face for being such a gigantic pussy. And that’s her words, not mine.

So, the other night, I told her I was thinking about having her helping me put up the tree and decorate it … and the interior of the house … for Christmas. My feeling was that this could be a really unique experience for her, and besides, with the right blend of music, food and booze, it can be a trip. She was rather “Meh” about the idea initially (“Will they even have trees out already?” “Hun, I have a fake one.” “Oh.”) … but then I got an e-mail from her, saying that she’s never done that before, and would like to give it a try.

This is how I envision most of you reacting to this bit of news. "NO TREE?! GAAAAH!"

Now, the really funny part comes up. This will be the first year I actually have a tree to put up. I bought myself a 7-foot faux tree last year after Christmas, because after reading Burgh Baby’s blogs about going “Christmas Crazy,” I figured I should, at the very least, own a tree — even if it is fake. My previous tree is a like a 2-foot one that was my grandma’s — she sent it to me years ago because she didn’t think it was right for me not to have one. So, that one came complete with bad, goofy ornaments that my sister and I would buy at the school fairs and give to her, and all the memories that accompany them. And that misfit tree was all I needed. It’s awesome. I love it. (I also have a hand knit stocking that my grandmother [dad’s side] made me while I was in college. I love that thing, too. )

"Santa, he didn't buy ornaments when he bought his tree. What a cheap fuck."

However, after I bought the big tree, I didn’t bother to buy ornaments, tinsel or any other decor for it. I guess that means I’ll be going shopping for the ornaments and such on my days off — which should be a trip and a half. See, I can’t buy a “uniform” set of ornaments. I grew up with patchwork decorations. That misfit tree’s ornaments have dates painted on them (and some are almost as old as Cali). It’s like seeing old friends every time that little tree goes up. So I’ll be looking for memorable ornaments — something that reminds me of good times and good memories. And that pile will grow as I add more over the years.

And this is exactly the type of feelings/memories that I want to impart to Cali. This year’s Christmas will be memorable for me for many reasons — this year’s ornaments will always remind me of her, and her first time decorating for  it. It’s also the first year that I had my own big Christmas tree, and the first (and hopefully ONLY) time I put my tree up before Thanksgiving. And those memories are the kind I love to keep in the back of my mind, and smile stupidly about, when I start decorating again next year.


2 Responses to “sacreligiousiosity”

  1. November 17, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    I haven’t had a Christmas tree since I lived with my parents but I have a fake in the basement that I’ve never used. Chilla is insisting on a real tree this year. I will also hold this year as a special memory. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

    • November 17, 2009 at 9:50 pm

      Cool! Hopefully I’ll bump into you and Chilla and MB and Mav over the holidays down at Jack’s … that way, we can cheers for reals!

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