And you think you’ve had a bad day…

From a friend’s Facebook status….

Last 24 Hours (abridged): cocktail dress; 4-inch-heels; white russians; 3 am; slip and fall; waking up in a strange house; knee pain; ride home; hospital; x-ray; mcl; leg brace; crutches; orthapedics; percocet; vomitting…AND looks like my car was stolen. My life continues on its path of awesomeness.

And if you think she’s all QQing or looking for sympathy, after several people commented sending hugs and whatnot, she responded with this:

I’ll see the orthopedist this week and find out if it’s a strain or a tear and if I’ll need surgery. I’m especially excited about the crutches just in time for snow and ice in Pittsburgh. Could be worse, right? My house could be filled with bees. That would suck if I had this horrible pain and a house full of bees.

So, no matter how much things are sucking, things could always be worse … just add a house full of bees into the mix, and you’ll see, things may not be all that bad as is.


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