Cause I want to be … Santarchy

I finally was able to take part in a little Santarchy fun … well, before I had to go to work. If you have no idea of what Santarchy is, it’s basically when people get together in various Christmas costumes and just run amok and spread joy throughout the city — but in untradtional manners. For example, a reindeer named Vixen was passing out cheap DVD porn to adults as they passed us by.

So, here’s a tiny glimpse into what happened. Some of these pictures ARE NOT SAFE FOR WORK, OR SAFE FOR THOSE WITHOUT A WARPED SENSE OF HUMOR.

We started off in front of the Cheesecake Factory in the South Side, but the security folks wouldn’t actually let us congregate in the little square there. So, we gathered on the street and, a little after 2pm, kicked off the shenanigans — singing dirty Christmas carols.

After we did that for a little bit, we headed off to the Hofbrau Haus. Now, having an assload of Santas, reindeer and elves pouring into an establishment is a site to behold. Even in a place like Hofbrau, we seemed to mob it.

Santarchists getting their cheer on.

Dancin', singin' and drinkin'

The reindeer are scheming.

Adolf the Reindeer

Now, Adolf the Reindeer is obviously a controversial costume. Even a few Santarchists were a bit confused by this choice. But as I found out later, he was part of a group of “8 tasteless reindeer” (or something like that) that included Vomit, Stoopid, etc. So, once that was understood, I had to get a picture of him in a bier haus. It’s just too disturbing not to.

Next we moved on to do a drive by Clausing at a book store. However, I was among a group of people that kept getting stopped for pictures. Yes, dress up and cruise around on the streets with loads of other people, and people will stop and ask you for a picture. And the vast majority say “Thank you!” after they get the picture.

This little boy was stunned by the shenanigans, but his mom had a bigger grin on her face than he did.

Also, people driving along the roads would cheer, wave and honk their horns. It was amazingly fun.

We piled into the Doublewide Grill for the next stop, which rapidly became too packed.

Fill 'er up!

Well, I’m past my “sitting in a place that’s entirely too hot and crowded” days, so I joined a bunch of people outside, where I had a little space and it was much less hot.

Deer and dogs

Gimp Santa and some porn from Vixen. As he said, "I'm comin down your chimney! Or in your chimney. Or whatever."

The Mizers having a friendly chat.

Santa Elmo. The little boy in the earlier picture didn't quite know what to make of him -- it was a mixture of "WTF" and pure Christmas glee.

I don't know why, but this picture continues to crack me up.

Adolf and Stoopid

The smoking section

And then, suddenly, things started taking a slide into the weirder side. I was taking pictures through the glass of the Doublewide, and when these guys pounded on the glass to get my attention. All of the sudden, bam! Cheetah skin and faux junk. I couldn’t stop laughing.

The disturbing Santas

Oh, the irony of finding a German Shepard and Adolf in the same spot

The nose presented some problems for some of the deer.

And then we were off to Lava Lounge. On the way, there was another Clausing of the library down there, but half of the crowd ended up going to the White Eagle. Someone apparently said, “Hey, they’ll give us free drinks if we stop in!” So naturally, we go. However, we get there and the bartender is bitter at us, there is no free drinks and well, there was more shenanigans to be held elsewhere.

We stop into Lava Lounge for a bit. It was to be my final stop, as I had to get my butt to work.

Into the pit!

My failed attempt to capture the glow from Heat Mizer's hair

By this point, I knew I had to get my stuff together and high-tail it out of there. I know more shenanigans happened, but I’ll have to link to other stories and pictures as I see them.

Until next year, folks!


2 Responses to “Cause I want to be … Santarchy”

  1. 1 wormy
    December 15, 2009 at 9:56 am

    BitchBurgh must do this next year! I never heard of it…looks like a rocking good time.

    • December 16, 2009 at 12:13 am

      I totally thought of you and MB, and was really surprised that you guys weren’t there…it’s definitely your kind of thing.

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