Thinking of the positive

Well, since the Steelers “played” (and I used the term loosely) on Thursday, and now are pretty much done for the year, I’ve decided to start focusing on the positives:

  • Not having to watch Ike Taylor and/or William Gay “cover” anyone, or attempt to tackle anyone.
  • I won’t have to watch our Very Special Teams take to the field. (Note to coaches: Special Olympics champions don’t make good NFL players. Most S.O. champions know better than to play for our Special Teams.)
  • I can finally get caught up on housework, and naps. And more likely naps than housework.
  • No more Sunday rages, leading me to roll into work even more douchey than normal.
  • Reason to hate the Browns again. I know this should be a given, but they were so uncompetitive for so long that beating them was like beating a high school team. So good for their cheering their victory like it’s the Super Bowl instead of for what it was — beating a floundering Steelers team. It reminds me that the Browns and their fans deserve my scorn instead of my pity.
  • We can finally start thinning the herd of bandwagon fans. They are free to go and buy their Saints and Colts swag/temporary tattoos now.
  • Focus on hockey! I love hockey! Go PENS!
  • The Pirates can have a little company now in chateau bow-wow.
  • I can do some Christmas shopping, free of guilt from not watching the game.

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