More things to love about W.Pa.

Been entirely too hectic recently, but here’s a story you may have missed: A guy from Murrysville jumped into a frozen lake to rescue a woman and her dog after her dog fell through the ice and the woman went out to help it. And what makes this more impressive to me is A) the rescuer is 61; B) after the ordeal was over, he said, “It was no big deal.”

His logic?

“I told the police I was better dressed for getting wet in the cold than anyone else because I had on heavy blue jeans, a hooded sweater and boots,” said Hahn, who received clearance from police to proceed.

So, he waded into the water, and after 20 minutes, rescued the woman and her dog.

That’s just … wow. I love this guy. It’s a great example of the W. Pa. mindset of stepping up when something needs to be done, and how people here aren’t afraid to step up and help a stranger.


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