The Aftermath

So Christmas has now come and gone, and I can finally breathe a little easier. Here’s the events that surrounded my holiday:

  • The Grinch: Christmas almost didn’t come for my relatives. My car’s ABS system apparently exploded. Now, people can lament the timing … the weekend before Christmas … but for me, this is absolutely common. My former car, a 1.8 Turbo Jetta, was well known for exploding right before EVERY holiday so there would be an extra day of waiting. (I’m convinced that car was assembled by orphans from “Our Lady of the Perpetual Check Engine Light” in Mexico.) My current car has been rock solid, so I was surprised when the DOOM lights started popping on. Well, on the 23rd, I took it to the dealer, who promptly told me that the repair was covered under warranty. I was able to save Christmas by hitting Giant Eagle for gift cards after that, thank God.
  • The Nephews: Apparently, I almost lost 2 nephews when my sister and her husband awoke to find that they broke into their older brother’s silly string, and managed to hose everything — Christmas tree, TV, nativity scene, computer — everything. It was even on the ceiling, for Pete’s sake. My sister isn’t really a drinker, so when my mom told me to bring extra beer for Christmas Eve dinner, I knew it was bad. I think she was ready to just go to a mall and abandon them.
  • The Recipe: My great-Aunt Mary passed away recently. Now, this is the Slovak side of the family that I don’t know very well, due to the fact that my grandfather left my grandma (who was Italian). This lead my grandma to shunning all aspects of him, including that side of the family. So, my mom was surprised when, at the funeral, relatives told her about a certain dish that the Italian side of the family made for the holidays, and that my grandma taught them how to make.  She never made it for us, that’s for sure. But it’s like a lasagna, except with rice, eggs and little meatballs. I made a batch, but don’t think I made it correctly. However, I could see why it would be loved … it’s like eating the inside of pigs in a blanket or stuffed peppers and not having to deal with the cabbage or pepper. I’ll post a blog entry about making it later.
  • Meat Wars: Some of you will remember the post after Thanksgiving, where there was an epic struggle about the leftovers. Well, this time, my sister’s family took a lot of ham, but there was still a ton left over.  Well, mom tells me to come and “take what you want” from the pile of ham. So, I take about half of the pile, which was enough to feed me for about 2 weeks. Mom looks at me and says, “Take more.” I take half of the remaining pile. “No, that’s too much for me,” she says. Frustrated, I look at her and say, “Mom, how much ham do you want?” “Just a piece or two.” /facepalm
  • It’s like a Snuggie, only better: Best Christmas gift? My “Walk the Slank” Slanket. OK, technically some of the new windows were the best gift, but that slanket is pretty frickin’ sweet.
  • Post Party: So I met up with a gaggle of friends after I got out of work on Christmas day (sorry I missed you, Wormy and MB). They were all loaded. Now, the funny thing about being a “known” blogger is that, invariably, drunk people come up to you and tell you that you can’t blog about what they just did, even if you have no idea of what the hell they are talking about.  This happened last night … and I still have no idea of what was done that I shouldn’t be blogging about.
  • Post Party II: One of the guys I used to hike with informed me that they named a hill on the brutal Rachel Carson Trail after me. The story goes something like this: A few years ago, I was doing the Rachel Carson Challenge. I became dehydrated and confused in this one area I like to call “the Valley of Death.” The valley is essentially a giant “V,” with steep slopes on each side. I didn’t see any markers, and had no idea of where to go. I picked left and climbed up the steep-ass hill, only to find out as I reach the top that I’m going the wrong way. That move pretty much sapped all of my will, and ended my day out. Well, I’ve told the story on the meetin.org hikes I used to help organize, but now that I can’t go, my buddies tell the story for me. So, the wrong hill is named after me. Thanks guys. LOL.

1 Response to “The Aftermath”

  1. 1 Lightweight
    December 26, 2009 at 9:32 pm

    I still don’t know what was done that you shouldn’t have blogged about, but thanks for not blogging about it. 🙂

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