Bear with me here, folks

Yes yes yes, I know I haven’t been blogging recently. Not so much because I don’t want to, but quite simply, between Snomageddon, work and life, I simply have had no time except to update my Twitter and FB feeds.

And then — get this — as I’m finally ready to start working on my Snomageddon tales, what happens? BAM! Computer starts acting squirrelly (on Friday). Squirrelly as in locking up about every 30 minutes or so. Being a geek, this keeps me up at night. I need to have this shit fixed, you know? So, I delete programs. Works temporarily, but then starts locking up again. I pull every trick in the book out. System restore. Nothin’. Upgrade anti-virus. Nothin’. Defrag/system clean. Nothin’. You name it, I tried it. Can’t figure out the problem. Try a fresh XP reinstall. Locks up at the 34 minute mark.

I figure the HD has gone corrupt. So at work last night, I’m hemming and hawing over which drive I should get, driving all of my coworkers and Facebook friends insane. Finally pick one. Order it (and some new RAM, cause I figure now is the perfect time to upgrade to Windows 7, 64-bit version). Coworker gives me an old 10G drive and Linux to put on it so I can at least be on the Internet until my parts arrive.

I go to install it, and what do I notice?

Loose power cord to the HD.


No no no.

Are you fuckin’ shitting me?

I plug it back in. There’s something in the back of my head that just doesn’t want this to be the problem, but curiosity demands that I run it and see if it works.

I plug it back in. It hits the 34 minute mark, and starts to stall. I feel strangely vindicated. And then it hits 33. That’s when I’ve entered the noob zone.

Now I have a fresh XP install. Drive seems to be fine.

At some point, I’ll have to surgically remove my hand from my forehead, that’s how hard I hit myself. I mean, this is the first time where I didn’t check all the connections first. I feel incredibly stupid. A pure ID10T error.

I owe many apologies. I blamed everything imaginable for my errors (namely Crapple, because it all started with iTunes trying to update). So, if you got caught up in my RageStorm of blame … uh … I’m sorry.

But I should be back to blogging more regularly after next week. You know, once I get the new rig set up and have removed the hand from my forehead.

And back to more XP updates. Kill me now.

(Of course, I really should just turn them off since I’ll be doing a fresh install of Windows 7 … )


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