Success! Painful, painful success.

I got Windows 7 up and running on my computer, finally. This came after a long, winding and stupid process of trial and error, and happened mainly because I didn’t read the instructions. After all, it’s computers, HOW HARD CAN IT BE?

ANSWER: At some point in my life, I will learn to read instructions first.

My main problem was my Edimax WiFi card. Win 7 didn’t like the drivers for it. But since I didn’t know this until after I had installed Win 7, the solution to “search for it on the Internet” left me angry and enraged. I couldn’t find upgrades on the Internet because I couldn’t get to the Internet to find upgrades. Chicken meets egg, yo. And it took me awhile to figure out exactly what the problem was in the first place. Stupid weak ass drivers…

Since I didn’t have a second computer to download the correct driver, I was left with one solution: Reinstall XP.

Then came a different problem. Static IP addresses. My light tapping of the “reset” button on my wireless router that didn’t quite clear out my encrypted wireless network. I had to call a buddy of mine who networked up my PS3 and computer, and he talked me through some fixes so I could get to the Internet and download the correct drivers, put them on my 1T drive, and be ready to rock for Round 2.

So, I did that.

Or at least thought I did.

After installing Win 7 a second time, I tried to install the drivers. No go. Apparently, I had downloaded what appeared to be XP drivers (curiously placed under a big “WINDOWS 7 DRIVERS!” banner). I tore apartment my set up, took it downstairs and plugged in directly into the cable modem. Still no go, as it didn’t want to recognize my ethernet card. At this moment, I put Captain Kirk’s  “Wrath of Khan” scream to shame — not that that was difficult to do — but I’m convinced they heard my curse over the cheers for Shuan White at the Olympics … and that says something.

So, back to reinstalling XP. Downloaded correct drivers (and you can damn well bet I made sure I had the right ones). And I was all like, “Once more into the breach!” As it loaded, I realized I hadn’t eaten for most of the day (which is what happens when I get involved in tech problems — I don’t like to stop until I’ve figured what the problem is and how to fix it). I headed off for some late night food as it loaded.

Then came the moment of truth. I slowly pointed the mouse at the file and hovered it there. This had to work. I didn’t want to do this again.

I took a breath, said a quick prayer and double clicked.

It worked with no fuss and no muss.

I had Interwebs!

So, the moral of the story — if you’re going to upgrade to Windows 7, do the following:

  • Read instructions.
  • Search for a driver update for every piece of equipment you have on your machine. Burn it to a disk, or put it on a secondary drive if you have one. OR
  • Have a second machine ready to go to download drivers that you may have missed.

Everything else about the switch over from XP was fine. Win 7, now that I’ve gotten used to it a little bit, is pretty sweet.

Now, my next Geek project will be to build a small, emergency-use Linux box … as I never want to go through that situation ever again.


2 Responses to “Success! Painful, painful success.”

  1. 1 JermCool
    February 19, 2010 at 9:56 pm

    Oh, if I had a nickel…

    It’s the curse of the knowers of IT. Even the best hardware guys forget to save the network drivers to CD before the reformat.

  2. 2 Ian
    February 22, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    I guess I should have told you to run the upgrade advisor first:


    This would have told you about the issues with your wireless drivers. Sorry….

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