What I’ve been up to, pic edition.

So, I’m sure you readers have noticed I’m not blogging nearly as much recently. I’m in the “a lot of stuff up in the air” phase, but instead of grousing about it here, I’ve been trying to doing other things.

But here’s the past 2-3 months summed up in pictures, to get caught up:

New Years:

This involved drinking

Setting bad examples for children

Drunk and airborne fire.

Not UFOs out west of Pgh, just us...

Experimental cooking:

My first attempt at (apparently) my Italian family’s holiday meal. Pasta, rice, meat, eggs and lots and lots of cheese.

Snow, snow and more snow:


Post-snowpacolypse, after my street was “cleaned up”:

A little mountain biking:

Out in Deer Lakes Park on St. Patty’s Day

A little remodeling:

Technically, I just hung up the pictures, but still, it’s an improvement. There are plans for painting, crown moulding and a ceiling fan.

Geekatorium, complete with "Walk the Slank" pirate slanket and Warcraft on the monitor.

Paint-scraping attire

So, yeah, been a little busy as you can tell. But I swears, I’ll be back blogging more often soon. Stay tuned!

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