Why we love that kid

Most of my college friends are married, have children or are in some combination of the two. But one of the first was my dear friend Corey, who has a son named Ian. We’ve all watched from afar as Ian grows up (since Cor is out in Jersey), but we all know and love him because he’s a great kid, and Corey always shares the tales of his shenanigans (good or bad) with us.

Honestly, if Corey ever started mommy blogging, she would have thousands of readers, because that kid is one of these brutally smart types, and Cor is a great story teller. Long time readers will remember the story about Ian wanting to give Corey and her fiance Jimo a special gift for Christmas.

So recently, Ian had a homework assignment. He had to write 3 sentences, using the word “not,” “had,” and “one”. Here is the result:

Dear Lord, that kid is awesome.


1 Response to “Why we love that kid”

  1. May 19, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    Brilliant. Genius fueled by anger and frustration. Hits so close to home!

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