See what I mean?

There’s a lot that I’ve wanted to blog about recently, but just haven’t had the time. So, instead of trying to expound on all of them (cause I likely won’t have the time to do that either), here’s little snippets of my thinking on a couple of different topics:

  • Football: Apparently, the NFL has admitted that some penalties called against the Steelers in the Pittsburgh-Cincy game were incorrect. Regardless of the bad calls, the Steelers still managed to win. See, this is what I was talking about in my “…it’s how you whine after the game” blog entry. Forget all the conspiracy talk or the “NFL likes the Steelers” bullshit … sometime bad calls go in your team’s favor, sometimes they don’t. The bottom line: Winning teams find ways to win, regardless of the officials.
  • More football: About the upcoming Steelers-Pats game — I’m very curious about it. Admittedly, the Pats have had our number for the past several years, and are one of my favorite teams to hate — but only because, like the Steelers, they are consistently good. But I’m wondering — did they have the Steelers number or just Coach Cowher’s? I guess we’ll find out on Sunday night.
  • HATE: There are few people in this world I can say that I hate. Osama bin Laden, sure, but that’s justified. But Rick Santorum? I don’t know what it is about him, but his mere name produces outright rage in me. Even when I saw this defaced billboard, I laughed, and then I wanted to punch him. I think it’s his smugness — his abject “I’m right, you’re wrong” attitude. I think the turning point from loathing to hatred occurred when the whole thing went down over where he actually lived. He sat there, straight faced, and said that he lived in that small home in Penn Hills, regardless of that mansion that he owned in Virginia. I mean, it was so “OH, COME THE FUCK ON” unbelievable in my mind … I was stunned that he actually said it. Granted, he didn’t actually break any of Pennsylvania’s laws (that I can recall) — but he sure as hell bent them to fit his ways. Then, the whole stance on homosexuality (essentially calling them child molesters) and supporting efforts to have science classes teach Intelligent Design (essentially Creationism) in schools just threw it all over the top. I still hate that guy. Want to see me go into a tizzy? Start talking about why his wanting to run for President of the US is a good thing. Swear to God, I will freak the fuck out.
  • Shift?: A lot has been said about another guy that lost in recent election … Dan Onorato. There’s been a bit of speculation about not only why he lost to another dirty politician like Tom Corbett — but why he lost in his home strongholds where Democrats hold something like a 2-1 advantage over Republicans. Heck, even in my voting area, unknown GOP candidates upset the Democrats. Some are blaming the frustration with the Obama administration … but could it be that something else has happened? Like maybe the “Big Union” lock on Western PA has weakened? I’ve always said that Western PA is only democratic because of the unions … take them out of the picture, and you’ll see a lot of conservative thinking (for better or worse). Or, there’s another phenomena happening … a lot of younger people who lived elsewhere moved back (either for cost of living reasons, to take care of aging parents, or other economic factors), and they want change from what they regard as some of the worst of PA’s laws (like the liquor laws, for example). Regardless of the actual reason, I think PA’s politics are going to be very interesting over the next few years.
  • Netflix streaming: A few years ago, my buddy Greg convinced me to buy a PS3. And in the back of my head, there have been times where I’ve questioned that call. I mean, I don’t play that many games on it. The Blu-Ray player is nice, but I’m not switching over my DVD collection to Blu-Ray. And the network/media server aspect of it was supremely cool, but I still had to do an awful lot of downloading and have a lot of hard drive space to watch what I wanted to watch. But then Sony upgraded it’s system for Netflix streaming and I signed up, and now I’m just a complete addict. It’s so bad that I’m considering getting a Blu Ray player with WiFi for the bedroom so I can fall asleep while watching Netflix in my bedroom instead of on the couch. If you have the capability to stream movies from Netflix and haven’t, I advise you to do so. You won’t regret it.

2 Responses to “See what I mean?”

  1. November 13, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    Western PA hates Santorum, right or wrong, because of that residency scandal. And saying that many politicians frequently maintain homes in different states doesn’t excuse him. Essentially, if he didn’t follow the commonwealth’s criteria of physically residing in his Penn Hills home for the majority of the year for 5 continuous years, he wasn’t legally allowed to run for office. If he met those requirements he was a legal resident and could honestly say so.

    I wasn’t much into politics when the scandal happened, so I only ever had a vague dislike for the guy over his social positions. But, since he was allowed to stay on the ballot, I can only assume that he met the residency requirement.

    The rest of the country doesn’t know or care much about that election, so he may seem like a good presidential candidate elsewhere. But, I think the Republicans can do better than him.

  2. November 13, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    Correction – I didn’t follow Congressional races much at the time of the controversy… I was only concerned about the Presidential race. I’ve really become a lot more knowledgeable about politics since 2004.

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