‘The Warrior’s Way’: A quick review

Ninjas. Cowboys. Why not?

Went to catch “The Warrior’s Way” this afternoon. And while I don’t have time to write a full on review, here’s what to expect:

  1. Very stylized. Think “300” … except as a Western. And with ninjas.
  2. Loved the first part. Hero doesn’t really talk. No really clunky exposition as you might expect. It does a lot of “showing” instead of “telling,” which is awesome. OK, you do have a narrator telling you stuff, but the expressionless face … the dragging of his sword … the wandering … it’s all nice touches.
  3. Middle part simply drags. I think this is because of the inevitable romance angle. I mean, really, we’re here because we want to see ninjas vs. cowboys, so let’s get to it! The romance feels like they were throwing “Titanic” into the middle of “Godzilla v. Mechagodzilla.” Yes, I understand … character development, advancing plot, yadda yadda yadda. But it was total snoozeville.
  4. Loved that he was in no rush to embrace his ninja past when the town is in danger.
  5. Had no idea of how the cowboys got Browning water-cooled machine guns, but hey, whateves. The audience is expected to heavily suspend belief for this one, especially since it’s a campy flick.
  6. Fight scenes are great. Violence is the stylized comic book type.
  7. Fight with the big boss was pretty lame. Really, the flashback felt completely out of place.
  8. The ending was hilarious, in my opinion.

Overall, total popcorn flick. Would I pay full movie theater price for it? Nah. It has its moments, but isn’t a barn-burner with “ZOMG must see” flash. Really, if they would have whittled the middle down by about 15 minutes, it would have rated much higher in the campy-comic-book-turned-movie genre.

Summary: First part had my attention. Lost focus during middle (long-winded, uneventful character development), and that bog stuck with me until near the very end, which is when the action forced me to pay attention again.

Rating: 3 swords out of 5. It is what it is … campy fun … but I think you could live with catching it on video.


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