Brave New World

Weegie Thompson has nothing to do with this post, but I figured hey, picture of Weegie Thompson.

Apparently the secret is now out: After almost 11 years of copyediting and page design, I’m leaving my current job. And not only am I leaving my job, but I’m (hopefully) closing the book on that era of my career. It’s not that I hated what I did, but quite honestly, I hit the point where I knew it was time to move on.

So, as of Jan. 1, I will be entering a new field: IT technician at my current place of employment.

Now, for some, this seems like quite a jump — but in reality, it’s not. I’ve been involved with computers and fixing things for most of my career. I’ve been ripping apart copiers and showing people how to use their computers since I was 18 and a student employee at Pitt. In South Florida, I was always fixing things, whether it be computers or printers or the network or whatnot. In the current company, I’ve had administrator access to most of our systems … and I think I was the only copyeditor who ever had the secret push-button code to the IT room when I worked in Tarentum. In fact, when the IT guys needed a little help, I was one of the guys they turned to.

So when the IT guys mentioned that they had an opening, I knew I had to take the shot. And I think for all of us, this is a great move. I, for one, am excited about the opportunity to learn new things and undertake a whole new career. The IT guys are excited because they get a proven commodity: someone who understands the print business/process, understands the newsroom needs, understands newspaper personalities and isn’t afraid to tackle any of the problems that arise. Believe it or not, at my workplace, that’s the stuff that makes or breaks most techs — newspapers aren’t for the weak. The newsroom is excited because finally there will be a tech who understands how little stupid problems can really screw up workflow, and understands when they are on deadline, things need to be fixed NOW.

There’s a lot of other pluses to this move for me, personally. I won’t have problems getting time off anymore. Apparently, I’ll get one weekend day off. I’ll still be working primarily nights, but during my training, I’ll be working dayturn with you normies. I won’t be doing the same thing day in and day out. Really, I’m super excited about this. I mean, yeah, I’m going to be dealing with a lot of knuckleheaded calls and questions. I’m going to feel like slamming my head off a desk from the retardedness of people. But it’s going to feel so much better than having guys hovering over my shoulders telling me to send a page that isn’t ready, or having to explain why I was late despite getting all of my copy 15 minutes before deadline.

The other part is there’s a general excitement about me going over from the IT and pressroom guys, and for me, that’s just weird. Honestly, in my current department, morale is really low. We have fewer and fewer people who seem to be doing more and more work, and then we get yelled at for leaving words that certain higher-ups don’t like in a story. (Mind you, these words aren’t wrong, but it’s said that they are “overused” and that we must avoid them at all costs.) I imagine that this is what going from a abused dog to one that is valued is like. It’s awesome and scary and unfamiliar all at the same time.

Right now, it’s as though the doors of opportunity have been flung wide open. Chances are I’ll be returning to school to learn more tech stuff, and the company will reimburse my education. I’ll have a little bit more of a life, or at least the opportunity to spend more time with my family and friends. This isn’t just a change in job … this is a change in frame of mind for me. I’ve been waiting for a chance like this for a long, long time. You can damn well bet I’m going to grab it with both hands and not let go.


2 Responses to “Brave New World”

  1. 1 Ian
    December 19, 2010 at 4:16 pm

    Cool! Maybe we’ll see you at a few more tailgates now…

  2. December 27, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    That is awesome news! Congrats!

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