Still proud

As I’m sure we all know, the Steelers lost the big game. And right now, there’s many people playing the blame game, or throwing “their team” under the bus.

Not me.

In fact, this could be one of my favorite Steelers seasons.

Bear with me here.

See, this season played out like a movie. The embattled jerk QB getting suspended, but coming back to lead them to a winning season. The injuries and the players stepping up to fill the shoes of the starters. The commissioner seeming to have a grudge against the team and the double-standard that ensued after that. Seriously, if a writer wrote this season up, he’d be told there was no way that all of this could actually happen.

And yet it did.

So, here’s what I loved about the season in a nutshell: How the team handled the adversity. From the coaches (who can forget Tomlin’s “The standard is the standard” line) to the players who did whatever it took to help the team (Doug Legursky is a prime example) to the guys who kept their heads up when everything seemed to be going against them (James Harrison being fined for touching opposing players). And let’s not forget the injuries — not only on the Offensive Line, but to Troy, Keisel, Aaron Smith, McFadden, Dixon … lots of players down or playing hurt. And let’s not forget about the early distractions — Ben accused of rape; Holmes failing a drug test and being traded, and Skippy Reed being traded in mid-season for a kicker who had been out of the game because he didn’t play all that well.

This team had every reason to quit or play under their abilities; but they didn’t.

In fact, they came together as a TEAM and played well enough to win games that they had no business winning. Hell, I find it remarkable that despite all of their fuck ups in the Super Bowl, they were still in a position to win with that last drive. To be honest, I was fully expecting them to come back and win the game by 1 point, because they’ve done it so many times in the past.

This season made me a bigger fan of Coach Tomlin. It actually made me a fan of Big Ben (as a player … I hope he is truly a changed man in his personal life), and you can guarantee that if I can get a hold of a Legursky jersey, I’m wearing it.

I really don’t know what to expect next year … but with this team’s work ethic and professional attitude, I can think of no reason why they won’t be Super Bowl champions in the future.


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