I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what exactly I want to do with my house, design wise.

Now, a lot of things have changed in recent months, and so have a lot of my priorities.

Where nerd-filled magic was made....complete with Slanket.

Long-time readers will recall my thrill when I put my geekroom in my second big bedroom. “BEST MOVE EVER!” I think that’s what I cried from the rooftops when it was complete.

But now as I work with technology for 40 hours a week, I find that I don’t want to work on it when I get home. There have been days where I wanted to watch Netflix, my PS3 needed to be updated and wouldn’t update properly, and I about flipped because, for Pete’s sakes, I JUST WANT TO WATCH NETFLIX, NOT FUCK AROUND WITH TECHNOLOGY.

So, here’s what I have in mind: I’m moving the geekatorium to my small bedroom. Basically, it will be my computer and my workbench, and that’s it.

The former geekroom would then be transformed into my “40s room.” No technology outside of stuff you would find in the 1940s (within reason). Bed, chest, nightstand, drawing table … those kinds of things. I don’t even want it to have a digital clock.

The 40s room is going to be my haven from technology. My place to go, breathe and not think about it. To not HAVE to deal with it.

This should give my friend Amy, who is going to be helping me plan my renovations, an interesting challenge. I’m sure she’ll have some great ideas for it.

The rest of the house will have wiring projects galore. Plans to run speaker wire and possibly patch cabling under my floorboards have been formulated. A dedicated media server is being built. Yeah, if Ghosthunters ever came through my house, I’m sure I’d be spiking the EMF detectors.

But a nice, comfortable, tech-free mancave … a return to simplicity … I think I’m going to need that in the very near future.


1 Response to “Unplugging”

  1. 1 enophiledude
    March 23, 2011 at 8:51 pm

    i have NEVER had a tv in the bedroom before this house…i dont like it..i think it is a great idea..a room for relaxation..contemplation and just plain sleep..we have a guest room..which has become my space..free of tv..and noise..just a old am radio to listen to kdka/wcbs..

    i am huge fan of 30’s-40’s furniture..simple and welcoming…

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