fairiors: Big Butler Fair Vol. III

We had spent the day experiencing the Big Butler Fair in all of its glory … from seeing the animals to shopping the endless supply of Confederate flag draped goods. Some of the fairiors indulged in special treats like Deep Fried Oreos, Snickers and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. (A word to the wise: Apparently, deep frying and nougat don’t really go together well.)

But let’s face it, the reason we came to the Big Butler Fair was for the main event: The School Bus Demolition Derby.

I don’t know why this particular event caused me to start this whole escapade. Maybe it was the hours of Autoduel I played as a kid. But this was something I just needed to check off the ole Bucket List.

The stands filled up fast. We were not alone in our desire to see this spectacle.

So, here’s some pics and video of the contenders and the contests.

There were more buses, but these were the only shots I got, and give you an idea of what was painted on them. When they announced the drivers, I noticed a trend … drivers from Sarver, Natrona Heights, Tarentum … the AK Valley was well represented. I felt a swelling of pride … or that was that carnival gyro not agreeing with me … but regardless, the event was ready to begin.

Now, there were 2 opening rounds, which had like 5-6 buses in each round. They pulled in a rectangular area with their back ends facing each other. Now, quite honestly, I was expecting them to circle the track and crash into each other … as did a couple people in the stands. But in hindsight, this way was much safer for the drivers.

Now this opening round wasn’t very exciting. What you probably can’t see is that the 2 buses in the foreground were in a heated battle … the one would have its breaks locked up and the other would push it.

But again, the 2 heats weren’t all that. The South Park bus was knocked out in the first round … it couldn’t go in reverse anymore. Sad.

Then the main event came. All of the remaining buses thrown in to one battle royal. Before you start watching, this is like a 10-minute affair … so grab your favorite deep-fried food, sit back and watch.

Technically, this reminds me of my high school parking lot when the buses tried to be the first one out of the lot.

Eventually, 2 buses stood … No Fat Chicks and the red Honey Badger.

When Honey Badger attempted to crush the No Fat Chicks into a Jersey barrier to break its radiator, the crowd booed. It was like watching a WWE match where the guys kept putting each other into headlocks. The crowd was here for bodyslams and flying dropkicks, not technical wrestling.

Eventually Honey Badger let up and they smashed into each other until the Honey Badger was the victor.

Things you may not see that did happen: At one point, a bus engine started smoking badly. The bus driver attempted to eject but couldn’t get his seatbelt unhooked. But he eventually got his bus moving and got it out of danger. Also, tires blew out, and

So, all and all, a good time, even though it wasn’t quite what I expected.

Next major fair on the list: July 28, Fayette County Fair.

Possible Minor fair visits: Fort Armstrong Rodeo, Apollo Moon Landing


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