Fairiors: Kecksburg UFOfest Vol. 1

I had originally figured I was only hitting the Fayette County Fair on this Fairiors adventure, but ended up with a surprise: My coworker Jill told me that Kecksburg UFOfest was on the same day!

For those of you not familiar with the UFO lore, Kecksburg is the site where either a UFO or Russian satellite crashed (the locals are still 50/50 on it). What is agreed upon is that the military quickly moved in and grabbed whatever it was, and moved it out, never to be seen again. Here’s the Wikipedia entry on it if you want to read more. (Also, I’ve worked with some folks who were in the newsroom of the Greensburg Trib when this event happened, and I only live like 45 minutes away, so it’s kinda cool for me.)

For years, I’ve been seeing festival listings for this event, and wanted to go. But I always worked on the weekends, and never had enough time to request it off. This time, there was no stopping it. I would be at the Kecksburg UFOfest.

This time, the Fairiors were only me and Jill, and she was my guide. The wilds of Westermoreland and Fayette County are not to be traveled lightly.

Before we arrived at the fair, Jill swung me by the actual site of the Kecksburg crash.

Nothing seemed to be horribly unusual about the site, and as far as I know, I have not been mutated nor have the Men in Black swung by to pay me a visit. BUT THERE’S ALWAYS HOPE.

Eventually we made it to the festival. Now, if you ever hope to visit the Kecksburg festival, bear in mind that it is small. And by small, I mean it is basically combined with another fair to make 1 big fair. And by big, I mean it’s still small.

This is almost the entire festival.

The first thing I had to do was check out the monument to The Acorn. Now, most of you probably think I’m goofing around when I say that … but no, Jill had told me about The Acorn monument for years. I had to check it out. Had to. It was too phenomenal not to see. And really, it did not disappoint.

“I wonder how close I can get to it?” I said. Jill replied, “Probably not past the police tape.” We were both geniuses, or simply dumbstruck by The Acorn. I’m not quite sure which.

But anyway, we moved on.

There were tons of games … and by tons, I mean about 6. A gentleman who basically identified himself as “the head carnie”  informed me that if I didn’t want to try a game of chance, I could just slip a worker $10 and buy a giant inflatable alien. I laughed, because having been a former carnie, I knew I could do this … but $7 would have been as high as I would have gone.

Jill saw the sausage stand and told me we HAD to eat there. I said sure, cause who doesn’t love a good sausage sammich?

We ate, we people watched. We checked out the fair rides (which were kind of disturbing, looking like they had been assembled with spare 100-gallon drums, toothpicks and dog leashes).

Eventually, we checked out the crafts and the various displays. Some interesting stuff, and we found out there were some folks who travelled from Canada to be there — but really, there was only 1 thing we wanted to see: The UFOfest parade, which was slated for 2pm. This was good … we figured it would over by 2:15, and we could be on the road to the Fayette County Fair by 2:30.

The announcer assured us it would begin “at 2pm sharp.” Awesome!

But then 2pm came and went. The announcer said that the firewhistle would blow, and the parade would start. So then we waited. And we we waited. And we waited. The firewhistle blew. And we waited some more. The Kecksburg crash must have warped time in that area.

It finally started about 2:30. And here’s what it was:

Finally! A real float! Of sorts.

Now, here’s a funny note: Mamburg is not actually a town. It’s a Facebook group for people who kind of live on the border of Mammoth and Kecksburg, who, if I understand things correctly, feel ignored by both towns. So, they kinda called their area “Mamburg,” and they’re the ONLY ones who got into the spirit of the festival.

And after this, there was more EMS trucks. That was it. That was the big UFO parade.


But all in all, I have to say I was happy to go, and next time, I’m gonna spend some more time looking at the exhibits, and less time people watching.


2 Responses to “Fairiors: Kecksburg UFOfest Vol. 1”

  1. 1 awest
    July 17, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    Glad to hear that you visited our festival but sorry to hear that you were disappointed. We are a small town and every year we are slowly getting bigger. The fair used to run a week long and attract people from all over. Our goal is to see it like that again and with time I think we will get there. This year the rides have been addressed we did better research on the vendor and they are a million times better I assure you. If you are looking more into the UFO side try attending the UFO conference 1:30-5pm on Sunday July 28th, 2013. Last year Discovery Channel Canada came down for the conference and did a special on the incident and festival. If you like trucks and to see something different there is a burn out contest Saturday night that always attracts a huge crowd and is a must see. Thank You for attending, hope you will give us another try and thank you for the feedback your story gave me. This years festival is July 26 (evening only),27(all day),28 (11-5) 2013.

    • July 17, 2013 at 6:11 pm

      Thank you for the information and I appreciate your comment!

      Actually, my buddy Jill and I are planning to go back to the 2013 UFOfest, and are really looking forward to going! I absolutely hope that the UFOfest continues to grow — I love small fairs/festivals, and even though I joke a lot about my visits in my posts, I am thankful that it is a yearly event. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us on the 27th!

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