And why not?

How I feel about “resolution” posts.

It’s a new year, and with the new year comes the urge to try new things.

This year starts off with the normal resolutions for myself: My annual “Ramadan” (where I give up booze until mid-March); my promise to myself to get more organized; my promise to myself to get healthier. Again, there is nothing new here, and I normally wouldn’t even blog about this — but the “healthier me” sparked some interest when I mentioned it on Twitter.

Let me explain.

The first is always the easiest — many think it would be the hardest, but I’m one of those folks who can have 1 beer, 12 beers or none, depending upon how I feel. Giving it up until mid-March, no big deal. The second is more challenging, but really, most folks don’t want to read about how I bought such-and-such a product which enabled me to get some shit better organized.

The third is a little trickier. After my mountain biking crash last year, I’ve been trying to push myself to be healthier, but really, to no avail. I mean, when I watched my diet and exercised appropriately, I was down to 203 lbs … but could never drop below it. After awhile, the weight crept back on. I hoped to stick to about 208 through winter, but once the holidays hit and I got inundated with a million Christmas cookies, I was done.

I’ll be flat-out honest here: My Jan. 1 weigh-in was 216.5 (not my heaviest, but up there). I had the remnants of my cycling-crash and subsequent chiro-visit pain lingering in my back and left hip. I tend to sleep 5 hours or 12 hours — never really getting a good night’s sleep because the pain in my hip or back would constantly wake me up and force me to switch positions. That same pain makes sitting for a long time difficult. I took my blood pressure on one of those drug store machines … if I would have had it taken by a doc, I would have been given meds. I hate the idea of meds — I’d rather alter my lifestyle than get on the endless cycle of meds, side effects and meds for the side effects. My diet was rather shittastic and I haven’t exercised in weeks due to a pec injury and the holidays.

Needless to say, health-wise, I’m worse off than I anticipated.

So, this year, I decided to try something different. A friend on Facebook posted a link to her friend who basically was in the same situation as I was. The post also showed his results from doing the paleo diet and exercise. Knowing that I suck at doing the ole counting calories trick (I did it over the summer … it stunk), I read the book and figured “What the heck? I’ll give it a shot for 30 days.”

If you’ve never heard of it, paleo basically has you eating like our ancestors did as they evolved … eating lean meat, fruits and veges … you know, things they could easily scavenge or forage for. No dairy, no grains, no beans. And, as it should go without saying, no heavily processed foods.

Normally, I wouldn’t be writing about this as there’s a billion and one blogs out there about this topic. But when I mentioned on Twitter that I was doing this, a few people asked if I would write about my experience on it … so meh, why not?

I think my posts will be Tuesdays, which will mark each full week that I am doing this. I will throw out totals on the weight drop, and basically how I’m dealing with making meals and/or eating out on my stupidly busy schedule.

Who knows, maybe I’ll be that next “friend of a friend” that inspires someone to give it a shot …


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