Week 2: Gaining my feet

With the first week of eating paleo down, I decided it was time to get back to the gym.

At first, I thought I’d stick to my normal weight-training regime … I’d start off with a week of light weights to see how everything felt, and then I’d gradually move on to heavier stuff in the upcoming weeks. On Tuesday, out of curiosity, I asked one of the gym attendants if the spinning and yoga classes had been filled up by resolutioners. She said, oddly enough, that the classes in the afternoon had been smaller than normal as of late. This gave me an idea.

This has nothing to do with this post. I just thought it was funny.

I decided I would try lifting MWF, do spinning and yoga on T-Th, take Saturday as a rest day, and possibly take a kettle ball class on Sunday. This way, I could get a lot of variety and cardio training in while waiting for mountain biking season to start. However, I am a little worried that I will overtrain. So, we’ll see how it goes.

Tuesday was also the day were I strained a tendon in the back of my neck, so I opted to hold off on all of these grand plans until next week.

The other thing I’m doing differently? I started drinking coffee. I know it sounds weird, especially since I’ve been working nights for almost 20 years — but I had a hankering for it. So, I now have coffee before working out.

Week 2. Here’s my thoughts going into it:

EXPECTATIONS: With last week’s 5 lbs drop, I don’t know what to expect. Weight wise, it’s dropping much faster than anticipated. On one hand, I am still thinking a 2-3 lb drop will be the norm — but on the other, I’m in uncharted territory. Exercise will certainly help drop weight, but I’ll be starting to put on muscle mass again, which will drive my weight up.

If I have to guess, I’ll say I’ll end up at a solid 206 by the next weigh in.

CHEATS: Nothing drastic … some cucumber sauce with my gyro (didn’t eat the pita), some kung pao chicken (probably corn starch in the sauce).

OBSERVATIONS: The coffee definitely put a much needed zip into my workouts.

Wednesday was a weirdly rough day — if I had to classify it as anything, it would be “withdrawal.” I wanted a Big Mac and some Little Debbie Oatmeal Snack Cakes in the worst way. It could have also been the plague or just simple fatigue … but whatever it was, it went away after I chugged down some vege juice and slept in. Thursday, I was right as rain.

Also, I noticed that my body seems to stay a same weight for a few days, and then drops.

RESULTS: 207.8. That’s almost 10 lbs in 2 weeks, without a lot of exercise (M, T, walking a lot on Friday, and back to the gym on Monday). Pretty pleased so far. When I was essentially counting calories before, it took almost 4 weeks to hit this point.

OVERALL: My energy has leveled out a bit this week. I sleep a lot better. I keep feeling better, too.

Very curious as to Week 3, because this is where things should slow dramatically. Initial drops are always fast.

Last year when I rode my bike a lot and watched my calories, I was down to 203, and could never seem to drop lower than that. We’ll see what happens in the next week or two.


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