Week 4: The Big Cheat

Because, well, they do.

By this time, I pretty much have myself in a goove when it comes to my eating.

Groove. Maybe rut. Whatever.

Paleo gets along great with my body. I eat a lot. I feel good. I miss bread and cheese, but I know it’s a mental thing, not a physical craving. And I’ve found I like some new things that I’ve never had before … like almond milk. I drink that stuff like crazy.

Now, if there’s one lesson that life has taught me, it’s that shit happens. In the paleo world, that was last weekend. It wasn’t like I had unstoppable cravings, or that I couldn’t make better choices … it was I just really wanted some bad food. I didn’t go the fast-food route (bitch please, I got SOME dignity), but I did have the worst cheat meals that I’ve had since I’ve started this adventure.

EXPECTATIONS: Honestly, I expected to hover in terms of weight. Adding muscle, dropping fat … if I dropped anything, I’d pretty much call it a miracle. So, my goals were to work out hard, eat like the new normal, and let things go from there.

CHEATS: BIG CHEATS this week. Went to Primanti’s cause I was jonesing for a giant fish sandwich. I didn’t eat the bread or cheese, but the fish was breaded, as were the wings I had with it. Next day, breaded wings (again … hey man, it’s hockey season). Late that night, a couple slices of Fiori’s pizza (the big no no — flour and cheese!).

OBSERVATIONS: From what I’ve read from other paleo people, when you cheat, your body should swell up and baby aliens should shoot out of your chest and face … and after you die, your soul goes to paleo hell, in which you are judged by a tribe of cavemen who will put you into a Dorito taco and feed you to raptors for all eternity.

Well, those things didn’t come to pass (yet). But here’s what I did notice:

  1. My sinuses almost immediately jammed up. I didn’t think about this … but I haven’t used my neti pot since I’ve gone paleo. Normally this squirrelly warm-cold-warm-cold weather should have me stuffed up and having sinus headaches galore. I only actually NOTICED getting stuffy after I ate the breading.
  2. The pizza produced the same sinus bomb, and in addition, I got a tightening in my gut that felt like a ball was there. It wasn’t agonizing or anything … just noticeable … and that feeling was gone by morning.  

Everything went back to normal as soon as I ate paleo again — but yeah, now I know why I felt so shitty for so long — keep eating all the bad stuff day in and day out, and you never get a chance to “feel right.”

RESULTS: 205.4. Dropping like a pound a week would be cool in my book. That would put me around 200 for the start of my mountain biking season, which means by mid summer, I’d probably end up in the low 190s. I honestly can’t remember the last time I would was that weight … maybe like 10 years ago, when I was hardcore riding daily.

OVERALL: I’m just in a “plugging away” kind of mode. Learned the valuable lesson that a treat here and there won’t kill you, but does have effects. But yeah, still planning on plugging away through March and into summer. It’s just too easy to eat like this, and I can’t argue with the benefits — but posts about it will likely be bi-weekly or monthly or when I hit what I feel is a milestone of sorts, like “Hey! I’m under 200!” or “Hey, I can fit into a smaller pants size!”


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